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When choosing a climbing frame there are a number of factors to consider. Some of the most important are garden size, frame dimensions, warranty and children’s ages.

 Selwood climbing frames come with a fantastic range of features and a full 10 year wood guarantee. With such a great guarantee if you plan for the children to grow into their play set you will only ever need to buy once.

Here is a guide highlighting the key features all great climbing frames MUST have.


Playhouses are an integral feature for all climbing frames. Children love to immerse themselves into their own imaginary world of play. Playhouses often portray real life homes with front doors, windows, cafe counters and seats all common features. Children are given the opportunity to prove they are just like Mum and Dad and become homeowners within their own playhouse. Many of our playhouses include fun features like kitchens with installed sinks and stoves. Play accessories such as pots and pans are also provided.

Speedy Slides

Slides offer children a super fun and fast decent down from the climbing frame. No one enjoys a boring and slow slide. Many Selwood sets combine two different slides into one set. Tube, curved, spiral, rocket and straight slides are the different slides we have available.

Swings & Monkey bars

Swings are one of the most in demand features to have on a play set. The vast majority of our frames have swings mounted to the main fort/cubby house. We offer a fantastic monkey ladder swing combination unit which is both products in one. This is a great space saver for those will small or awkward shaped gardens.

All swings come with durable plastic belt swing seats that wrap around your child’s frame to provide a tight but comfortable fit. They also offer trapeze bars for those acrobats. We also have the two child glider. This is our seesaw swing which allows children to sit back to back and glide through the air.

Monkey bars are another sought after feature. Most of our sets have these included at differing lengths for each model. Monkey bars offer the perfect excuse for kids to monkey around while building their core strength and improving their motor skills.

Large Play decks

All climbing frames require large play decks for children to climb up to. Selwood offer a range of 4 and 5ft high raised play decks that provide substantial room for children to play in. As well having ample space for play we also ensure children have enough head room when it comes standing up. Our new range of next generation climbing frames have beautifully designed roofs which provides ample headroom of 165cm from floor to roof peak. Selected models also have multiple decks and raised crows nests for kids to access.