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Outdoor playset’s are a little different from ones that go inside they have to be made of sterner stuff. With the weather ready to change at a moments notice, they need characteristics like cedars dimensional stability to make them last and remain safe for years.

Kids Outdoor Playsets Need To Be:

  • Safe: Conform to EN71 Safety Standards
  • Fun: Entertain Children For Hours
  • Value: Play Cost Per Hours

Kids Outdoor Playset Safety

Outdoor playset’s must conform to EN71 safety standards these are uniform across Europe and test the strength of all the components making sure they can take the load of children. These regulations don’t only test for strength, making sure that tassels and heads can’t get stuck leading to strangulation. These tests are carried out under laboratory conditions for specific items, simulating everything that a child could possibly grab hold of or get caught on. Making sure that no catch points exist.

Kids Outdoor Playset Fun

Kids need entertaining at a young age they are wanting to explore the world and limits of skill constantly learning new things. This includes how high can I climb, get up to a chair then the table now that’s exciting, but not that safe. Playsets outside are on safety surfacing, this means from a critical fall height a child should have minimal injuries.

Swings, slides and rock walls are all amazing fun for young minds to get used to, conquering them builds confidence in physical abilities and this will stand them in good stead forever more challenging physical tests to come. If they come with chalk walls they can draw and take orders in a playhouse especially if grown up has been creative enough to install a kitchen inside a wooden playhouse.

Kids Outdoor Playset Value

Value means it lasts for years in wet weather, keeps children entertained for hours. Product lifetime on our climbing frames and wooden playhouses are due to our use of cedar wood. Previously mentioned cedar wood has excellent dimensional stability this means it won’t expand and contract in changing weather conditions like we have in the UK. It’s less likely to splinter than even pressure treated pine. Combine this with a natural ability to resist rot, repel insects with natural oils found in the wood. We provide a 10-year warranty on all wooden parts this should see your children through childhood.

Outdoor playset’s should be engaging kids to become active and healthy keep them safe while at play. Constructed to with materials that are suitable for children and allow them to develop for years to come. We think one of best things about outdoor playsets or climbing frames is an ability to keep big groups entertained. To be able to assist with parties somewhere to go when you need to get outside, somewhere the group can socialise together.