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Climbing frames with swings are great fun. What options are available for various ages as they grow up from tiny tots to full grown children who want more from adventure than the climbing frame swing.

Climbing frame baby back seatToddler Swings

They grow up so quickly! However, if you have a couple of kids one much younger two buying a play toy that can be used by both can be a challenge. Our play sets are tested from age three and up. Most kids use our climbing frames until they are ready to fly the nest or at least until the back garden will become boring.

Swings for climbing frame absolute beginners will need a little support to sit upright and this is provided with a high back baby swing. These allow babies swing comfortably and independently so you can take hundreds of photos and post them on social media and share them with grandparents, just tag us in them thanks.

Before you know it they will ready for the belt swings and glider. These are the easy transitions before advanced swing techniques.


Older Children

Older kids that use the frame we mean 6+ these who are exploring new limits and that garden is starting a little small, but the big wide world is still a lot to scary.

Swings are still a safe haven, gliders allow two children on at the same which means more friends can come and play in the safe garden where parents can supervise the play from afar. They will be looking for a way of getting the swing to go higher.


child on trapeze barAdventurous Children

Adventurous kids will find a way to explore more than most parents might like. Climbing higher, hanging for longer, higher on swings and slides. The idea is to give them play equipment to challenge them. Swings come in and you have your belt swings, gliders these are nice, but a little pedestrian for the daredevils! Trapeze bars are going to allow them to express themselves and push the limits of strength and imagination.



Which Climbing Frame?


Older Kids


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