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With so many different designs of climbing frame to choose from, one question we often get asked is which is better? A wooden roof or a vinyl roof? Let’s take a look at a selection of climbing frames with both types of roof and find out the benefits for each material…

Vinyl Climbing Frame Roof

Vinyl roof frames are generally a little cheaper in price than wood roof frames. Let’s select the Hazelwood Climbing Frame as an example here. It is a great wooden play set with an eye catching UV resistant yellow and green vinyl roof in a front facing gable style. This provides great shade and protection during summer playtime. For the occasional rain shower, the vinyl roof is fully waterproof so can also provide water resistant cover. The additional features of this frame include two belt swings and monkey bars. The coffee counter underneath compliments the set beautifully and makes for a great snack stop or inspired creative playtime.

Wooden Climbing Frame Roof

Climbing frames with a wooden roof design are very popular and we have a number in our range. Not only do they look fantastic in your garden and blend naturally with the outdoor surroundings, but they provide your children with a strong sturdy play set that will protect them from sunshine or rain. Made of cedar wood which should not splinter, you can be assured that the quality will last! All our frames come pre-stained however the elements do weather wood over time. Therefore we advise that after a period of time you apply an oil based wood stain to your frame.

Let’s look at the new Selwood Chiswick Climbing Frame. It is an attractive frame design complete with a wooden forward facing gable roof that covers the upper play deck. This offers superb protection and shelter for children when playing. This frame also has the benefits of the monkey bar/swing beam combo which can be a great space saver! A curved slide, vinyl chalk wall, belt swing and a trapeze make this frame a fantastic piece of play equipment. So whether you opt for a vinyl roof or a wooden roof you can be assured of a high quality, durable yet fun and attractive play set that will give your children, and their friends, years of fun play!