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From an early age children love to climb. From tugging on mummy and daddy’s legs too tackling the sofa they crave to be on a similar level to us adults.

When you stop and think what life is like when you are that small, constantly looking up and viewing things from such a tiny perspective it’s no surprise climbing becomes such a natural habit.

Selwood have been manufacturing wooden climbing frames for over a decade now. During this time we have come to recognize the importance of climbing for young children.

Some of the key climbing features our sets portray are…

Monkey bars

Monkey Bars are popular features on our wooden climbing frames, children love to climb, hang and swing like monkeys.


wavy climbing wallRock Walls

Rock climbing walls are perfect to help your children develop and improve their hand-eye coordination and balance, while building strength. Planning how to best to scale the rock wall to get up to their fort will get them thinking as they play.

Rope Ladders

 Cargo style rope ladders offer children a more testing and alternative climb to the upper playdeck.



Crows Nest

Kids can climb there way to the top of the crows nest for a superb aerial view of their surroundings. Many frames come with fun accessories such as the jumbo telescope and binoculars so the children can keep watch.


Climbing offers children a great mix of physical and mental benefits all which contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Benefits

Through climbing children use lots of muscle groups enhancing levels of core strength. The bodies lower, upper, abdominal and leg muscles are all worked aiding posture and long term health development.

Frequent climbing will also boost endurance and stamina levels.

When climbing rock walls, tactically moving between mounts and swinging on monkey bars children’s flexibility and agility levels are also positively enhanced. 

Mental Benefits

Climbing also offers children a variety of mental benefits. Motor skills are developed via testing challenges and the repetition and practice of skills.

Whether it’s reaching the top of a rock wall, climbing to the top of a tower or completing the monkey bars children get a great sense of well being through achievement. In return this increases ones self esteem and confidence levels.

Climbing is also great for relieving stress and sharpening the overall brain. Active play helps keep the children mentally stimulated.