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Selwood Products have ones of the biggest ranges of outdoor climbing frames in the UK. We offer a range of features and play accessories to cater for young children, and climbing frames for older children.

Young children love to swing and slide, so we include swings and slides on most of our frames, plus we offer a range of baby swing seats so even your youngest children can make the most of your play set! Older children tend to enjoy more challenging activities, such as monkey bars, a rock wall or a trapeze bar swing.

wooden climbing frame

Climbing Frames for Children Young & Old

Climbing Frames For Younger Children

Climbing frames are fantastic for younger children as they enable them to explore and experiment with their surroundings in a safe and controlled way. Safety is paramount to us, so our climbing frames are designed and manufactured to meet EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. Our combination rock wall ladder has spaces between the slats, so smaller children can put their feet on the steps, even if they want to grip the climbing rocks with their hands. Our climbing rocks are specially designed for play equipment and are constructed from strong and durable plastic. This means they will last, but ensures you children’s soft skin on their hands and legs is not scratched by the abrasive ceramic ‘professional style’ climbing rocks. We have a large deck area which is surrounded from all sides with wall slats, and the entrances have safety rails to ensure children have to climb out, they cannot easily fall. Our slides are constructed with extra high sides to ensure children cannot fall out, and the high top acts as hand grips to help children sit down confidently. Our swings are flexible so they grip children’s hips, helping them stay in place and learn to confidently swing.

Climbing Frames For Older Children

Our climbing frames for older children are positive from many different perspectives. They offer them them ability to play with their siblings, whilst pushing their ability and strength with features their younger brother or sisters don’t yet use. The large deck area is big enough to enable them to sit, under the safety of the large roof, with their friends. The safety rails, mesh or windows stop them from climbing or falling out, and the slide is plenty strong enough for them to slide down, or climb up, due to the extra reinforcements at the rear. The standard rock wall offers a challenge, whist our 1.5m (5ft) solid rockwalls offer even more of a challenge! Our swings will offer them fun, and the ability to gently swing and chat with friends, whilst the monkey bars will test their upper body strength.