Slides are one of the most popular garden toys for children. Our all-in-one garden play equipment includes either one or two slides – this is great fun if your children would like variation. And if you have siblings who may argue about who’s go is next, two slides is a bonus! They could even race each other side-by-side! Read on to learn why our slides are the best for your kids.

Straight slides are suitable for all ages of kids

Straight Wave Slides

Selwood Products straight slides include a fun ‘wave’ in the middle for extra fun and enjoyment. Our straight slide has a ride length of approximately 220cm (7ft 3ins).

We are delighted to say that our slides super safe. We include a raised hand-grip area at the top to aid entrance to the slide. The slide gradient is also reduced at the exit to provide a safe exit speed.

Manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. Our slides are made from tough and durable HPDE plastic, and include UV inhibitor, ensuring they will last for many years.

Tube slides are ideal for those looking to maximise slide length or garden space

Tube Tunnel Slides

Our tube slide has an impressive ride length of approximately 380cm (12ft 6ins)! Our tube slides are fully enclosed tunnels, so children cannot fall out.

Constructed of thick HDPE plastic, our slides are double reinforced at the rear, making them strong enough to slide down and climb up!

We offer both tube and straight slides on our wooden climbing frames

Combo Slide Sets

Featuring both open and enclosed slides, our combo sets are a real winner. The choice of either slide allows variation in play, assisting decision making and confidence. And two slides means an advocation of sharing and turn taking too.

How to Fit & Assemble Selwood Kids Slides

  1. Check Parts

    Ensure you check you have all plastics, wood and hardware needed. This is detailed in your manual.

    For the straight slide all you need is the pre-moulded slide and 2 or 3 screws (depending on your slide model).

    For the TNR tube slide, you will need to open and check the square TNR tube slide box. Therefore ensuring you have everything.

  2. Follow Your Assembly Instructions

    Our manuals include detailed step by step guidance to fit and assemble your slide. The manual also includes detailed and labelled images to ensure each step is as easy as possible. If in doubt then you can always refer to our video assembly guides.

  3. Enjoy Your Climbing Frame Slide

    Once your slide is assembled and fastened to the fort and the build is finished your children can start to play! They’ll get plenty of years enjoyment from our tube or straight slides.

Why Kids Slides from Selwood Products?

We have refined our slide design over many years to ensure they meet the demands of the users. And we have taken into account the weather/climate around the globe.

Using the highest quality materials, you can be sure that our children’s slides will provide many years of use. They are designed to be fun and easy to use.

  • Straight slide with a fun wave in the middle.
  • Tube slide with longest ride available.
  • High rails to aid safe entry.
  • Flat bottom to ensure safe exit.
  • High-quality HDPE plastics.
  • Double reinforced structure.

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