Kids swings are an ever popular garden toy, whether they’re being used to swing, sit and chat with friends, or fun aerobatics on the trapeze.

With siblings and friends using them at home or in the park we all seem to have made memories while using this simple toy.

Our wooden climbing frames all include two flexible belt swings, and a trapeze aerobatic bar. If you wish, you can also choose to add a 2-child back to back glider swing to our sets.

Read on to learn why our swings are the best for your kids.

Kids Garden Swings

Swing sets have an enduring popularity amongst garden play equipment. Providing hours of fun and enjoyment, they are available in a range of sizes so they’re suitable for smaller as we’ll as larger gardens.

Our swings are each designed and tested to hold up to 50kg. Our swings are flexible, so grip children’s hips to inspire swinging confidence. Ropes are specially designed in soft-grip material, making them easy to hold, but gentle on children’s hands.

Aerobatic Trapeze Swings

Older children like the extra challenge of using a trapeze bar.

Acrobatic trapeze bars are supplied on different climbing frames for older kids. Fixed handles on an Aerobatic style bar, allow for swinging and cool spins as kids increase body awareness and comfort. Acting like little monkeys!

Children's Back-to-Back Glider Swing

2-Child Back-to-Back Glider Swing

An easy add-on for any of our wooden climbing frames, the 2-child glider swing is a very popular accessory.

It can be used independently or by 2 children. They can sit comfortably back-to-back with their hands and feet safely on the plastic hand grips and footholds.

Kids push/pull on the hand/foot grips to self propel the swing – No adult intervention needed! The children working together to swing higher as the coordinate with each other.

How to Quickly Add or Remove Swings From Selwood Climbing Frames

  1. Prepare the Swing Hanger

    Undo the quick link on the heavy duty swing hanger ready to insert the swing rope.

  2. Hanging the Swing

    Put the loops on the top of the swing rope into the heavy duty swing hanger quick link.

  3. Fastening the Swing Hanger

    Screw the quick link shut with your fingers, then tighten with a spanner to ensure it’s tight and safe.

Why choose Swings from Selwood Products?

We have refined our swing design over many years to ensure they meet the demands of the users, and the weather/climate around the globe.

Using the highest quality materials, you can be sure that our children’s swings will provide many years of use. They are designed to be fun and easy to use.

Our unique flexible swing seats bend to grip children’s hips, inspiring confidence as they swing. The plastics we use are rigorously tested for strength and durability.

  • Flexible swing seats grip children’s hips to inspire confidence.
  • High quality 32mm (circumference) soft grip synthetic swing ropes for comfort and durability.
  • UV Resistant swing seat and ropes.
  • High-quality injection moulded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) plastic.
  • PP plastic welds on the ends of the ropes ensuring they’re safe and secure.
  • Highest quality heavy duty metal swing hangers with nylon bearing for easy and smooth swinging.
  • Extra strong wooden swing beam (13cm x 7.5cm)

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