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large garden climbing frames

Climbing Frames For Large Gardens

Finding yourself lucky enough to have a large garden, meaning you can choose from big climbing frames that have more space for adventures. Why chose which features to have, include them all. These sets have multiple, levels to climb between, these can be up to eight foot, we call slides from this sky-high play forts Rocket Slides. The extra height gives extra speed, a flattened bottom will slow a child down, although probably not suitable for a first go down a slide. For older children, this is ideal, as they have a little thrill above what you can get from small garden climbing frames.

With large gardens maybe in the country, maybe a small forest area like in the picture above you will want something that fits in and delivers on maximum value for space used. This means more features, and longevity is required. We offer a 10-year warranty on all wooden parts, and we don't often have much happened in this time frame. What is more important about these frames is that very young child can use easier access ladder and smaller slide. Swings set up for little people or for taller ones, having a frame that continues to challenge a child to give it longevity.

We have plenty of climbing frames that have so many options delivering maximum excitement for lucky kids who grow up with large gardens.

Loads of Slides

Climbing frames always have a slide, straight, curved or tube. However, on larger climbing frame why would you chose when you could have two or three slides. More slides more fun! Climbing frames such as these with multiple slides of differing lengths suitable for older or younger children. Slides side by side, with a rock wall on the opposing side anyone for a quick race. (Okay maybe that's just me)

Great Features

Our range of kids wooden climbing frames for large gardens include a range of features, ensuring you can fit all your desired specifications, with playhouse, rockwall, and monkey bars too if you wish. Children love to climb, swing and slide, so our wooden play equipment will ensure they're kept active and entertained.


Our climbing frames are manufactured to meet both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. This ensures they're suitable for children aged from 3-12, and our excellent range of features ensures they'll be challenged and entertained whatever their age. From our fun slides to our monkey bars, our climbing frames for small gardens will ensure you're the most popular parents on the street.

On bigger frames the critical fall height and the recommended area of the safety surface will increase, our safety surfacing information will give you information needed to ensure your kids enjoy a large climbing frame safely

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