As our children grow, they develop both mentally and physically whilst making sense of the world around them. Play is an important part of our children’s development. It allows them to aquire cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills. Whether play is independent, grouped, child or adult lead, it is vital in enhancing a number of skills and characteristics which provide building blocks for later life. Therefore learning through play is widely recognised as being of vital importance to children.

So how does play help?

Allowing a child to learn the skills of negotiation, problem solving, sharing, and working with others is hugely important to their development. Within play, children practice decision-making skills, moving at their own pace to discover their own interests. They are able to mature emotionally, and gain important self-confidence required to embrace new experiences and environments, therefore pursuing their own curiosity.

Play can also lead to physical movement – independently or with others and this in turn creates healthier children. Research has shown that people learn best when their experiences are joyful. Joyful play scintillates the brain, triggering feel-good chemicals that link to improved memory, attention, creativity, mental flexibility and motivation. Joyful play can be either creative or physical, indoors or outdoors.

There is so much fun to be had out there! #selwoodplay

Outdoor play

Running, jumping, climbing, playing and interacting with peers is great fun for younger children. Joyful play outside with friends or family encourages essential physical fitness plus it can reduce anxiety and stress. Learning through play whilst being outdoors is fantastic for a child’s development. Using structures to assist with climbing, swinging and sliding can help build confidence, motor skills and improved muscle strength. Not forgetting creative play, role play and turn taking too. Being outside in the fresh air, having space to express themselves as well as embracing the world around them, is great for growing children.

Climbing frames

Selwood Products know that their climbing frames provide a wealth of opportunity for joyful outdoor play; both creative and physical. The climbing frame sets come complete with swings and slide elements, as well as a main fort and rockwall climbing ladder. Great for physical play and fitness. Monkey bars can be found on selected sets and these are great for building core strength, confidence and hand eye coordination. Upper deck and lower play houses are the perfect place for creative role play games, helping to build confidence in decision making as well as stimulating creativity. Some frames even have play kitchens for added fun!

Outside play, learning through play, Selwood play – there is so much fun to be had out there!

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