Selwood Products are the most noteable supplier of tube slide package play frames in the UK. Exclusive to us, our spiral tube slides are manufactured in our Canadian factory from UV protected HPDE plastic. This provides great strength, stability and will resist losing colour for years.

Why choose a spiral tube slide?

The spiral tube slide is enclosed so there is no way of falling. Children fly down the slide that spins in on its self. This gives children a completely different experience to a straight slide. It being enclosed, means it adds to the sensory experience of going into the unknown. It’s one for the explorers, the adventurers and the curious! Older children love this and the younger ones will follow them once they see them land safely down at the bottom.

This slide is enclosed so although you can’t hold the children on the way down, it has reduced gradient and step at the bottom meaning they land on their feet.

What do our customers say?

“The kids love the twist tube slide and the whole unit looks fantastic. The dark green door and slide alongside the bright yellow of the canopy compliments the oak coloured framework. Therefore it gives an overall appearance of an expensive and dominant piece of kit” – Ezzo – Toro frame with tube slide.

The Rede climbing frame package set.

“I have just built this for my three year old son and it is the best purchase I have made in a while. It’s a fantastic product and excellent quality. It comes well organised with clear instructions and spare screws, bolts etc (just in case)…Both slides are very popular but the ‘tunnel tube slide’ is the big favourite at the moment. There are some excellent add on products too. We purchased the steering wheel and telescope. Now the top deck has turned into a pirate ship- Ahoy me hearties! We also bought the baby swing seat for our baby. This provides flexibility in options for the swing frame. I couldn’t recommend this product enough” – G Murray – Rede frame with tube slide

Construction made easy!

Take a look at the tube slide video online here. Take a look at the full range of frame packages here.

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