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Locating Your Frame

climbing frame with grass surface

So your about to buy a climbing frame, but where to put it? Gardens are an obvious choice. However, you need a good grounding level, clear with good drainage can't put it on grass that gets water logged frequently as no matter how well treated a climbing frame is under water it's going succumb to rot. On a wonky ground and strain joins beyond safety tests. Finally, enough space around the frame for a safety zone.

This climbing frame has landed on some even ground with lots of space all around. The long grass looks like its coping busy areas. Grass matting might be an idea should that change especially in the hotter months when the ground dries a little. Check the Grass Safety Section or rubber matting guide.

climbing frame from decking

Sit back and watch the children play on the climbing frame from hammock or deck chairs.

Even the overhanging trees aren't an issue here as the sun will dry out the frame, bonus


Space, check for maximum fall height making sure an adequate safety zone is created, for Selwood frames will be 1.2m or 1.5m. Expansion of climbing frames is one key benefit with wooden climbing frames. Most are modular and can be added to so if you think that this maybe possibility look for a suitable area before building.

Supervision most parents will want to see kids playing, especially with a falling risk. If you aren't happy letting them play out of sight, climbing frames need positioning that can be seen whilst you do whatever it is you want.

Safety, playground flooring solutions will always be considered especially if you don't have a suitable grassy area. You will need to be aware of critical fall heights of the surface and maximum fall height from the climbing frame.


Consider your neighbours, blocking sunlight or overlooking a fence maybe fine now. But, later on a conflict of interests could occur. Looking over a fence might be tricky to avoid with a taller set in a small garden. Maybe install some blinkers is about the only advice that could be offered on this subject.

Maybe not have the climbing frame right next your neighbours fence, especially with a telescope.

big climbing frame


Levelling the ground, most of our climbing frames can accommodate a small degree of slopping. This is different from being on uneven ground that dips and undulates, which is more of an issue. However, this being said a swing beam needs to be level whatever. This prevents swinging into other users or into the climbing frames fort or support beams.

Under trees, beside them fine under a drooping tree that retains water and release it slowly. This isn't a pleasant experience to play on, wood always being wet, it never dries this will be detrimental towards lifespans of wooden products.

It's not an eyesore, in the rare event that not everyone is happy with having a climbing frame don't put it at the back on a muddy surface where they can be easily monitored.

climbing frame fun

Its Supposed to Be Fun

Fun, so it's hard making a climbing frame not fun. However, that is exactly what happens if parents (you) put them in only shaded areas out of some sunshine. Whilst this isn't a bad idea from the perspective of UV and sun protection. This does also mean that the climbing frame will stay wet longer when it eventually stops raining. Okay this is a tricky one all parents want to protect their kids from the harmful UV rays. So, somewhere that get some shade and sun would be ideal.