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Luxury Play Equipment

Climbing frames or something a wooden playhouse you will expect quality materials, efficient service and for every detail to be taken care of every problem to be ironed out. With more climbing frame competition we will endeavour to have ours to this high standard as we rarely hear complaints about the quality of frames. Having been trading since 2004, we still get back pictures of climbing frames from our 100% refund customer review competitions.

This is exactly what you will get with manufacturers with experience of building their product and sell it directly to customers who can give feedback directly to those who can affect the quality and style of products. This makes for quality products, especially when companies listen and actively seek reviews of products.

What is Luxury Play Equipment?

Creating a state of great comfort or elegance maybe you want a luxury playhouse, especially when involving great expense this is what luxury is all about, garden play equipment is slightly different. Play equipment needs to be super exciting, stylish and normally while being used by children, grown ups love looking for them as well.

Ornamental - should luxury play equipment be there to look pretty? As well be played with. Toys should have the ability to be fit in with surroundings or enhance them we know our cedar wood looks great so we have no worries here.

Nostalgia / Retro or Modern - Elements of history or a throwback to something with reference to styling, normally way back before the child is born.

Realistic- play equipment that is replicating some aspect of life like a kitchens or music rooms pedal cars are especially popular.

Detailed - with extra detailing like little play mailboxes or rugs. to create extra detail requires intricate work that can't be done on a big scale this increases costs.

Fantasy - if a luxury item isn't replicating real life in some way it wants to be a favourite fantasy of a child fairy castle and pirate ships seem popular choices.

Luxury Climbing Frame?

Like beauty luxury is a matter of perspective. Small climbing frames that fulfil a family's needs keeping kids entertained and provides something that they have not had before. Luxury play equipment can be big or small, just like anything else that might be considered luxury. We can sell you expensive climbing frames for a few thousands that are like small houses or climbing frames for small gardens that cost a few hundred. Having luxury doesn't have to mean expensive its what you think that counts.

side luxury climbing frame
three slides on luxury climbing frame