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Metal Climbing Frames

Metal climbing frames are an alternative to wooden climbing frames, we are famous for our wooden frames and don't stock any others. Metal climbing frames are usually made from scaffolding type material and then either left looking like well scaffolding. Alternatively, they use a fabric that acts like a fort at the top of the frame. They do have some benefits that a properly maintained galvanised metal frame shouldn't rust, so like our wood frames no leaving them in puddles.

inside a metal climbing frame


Beauty whilst the eye of the beholder metal frames rarely going to win design awards with plain metal tubing and fabric huts. However, they are generally considered be stronger than wood because being man-made they don't have issues with grains and knots in the wood. Metal climbing frames are also not going to splinter, a chink in the metal can be very sharp and not easily sanded down. In the winter or cold weather the metal frame becomes very cold to the touch, even with gloves it will limit the amount of play time on the frame.

Custom Modifications

For customisation and adding parts and modifications its much easier to have a wooden climbing frame. They have more scope for personal adaptation to and are easier to modify should you decide that one of our standard sets aren't quite right. They are normally more popular than metal counterparts due to appearance, modifications and that with proper treatment they don't splinter and last for years outlasting most kids childhood.


Safety, with most things it really depends on how they are made, making sure that they have proper certification for strength for users and hazard prevention. With wood, you can consider splintering. For pine, this can be an issue with cheaper sets. Using cedar wood reduces the chances of this, any wood can be sanded be smooth again if needed. Some will point out cracks in wooden slats that create the enclosed playhouses and forts, these unless significant will close up unless really significant. Supporting parts whether metal or wooden need to be checked and it's more important to buy from a reputable dealer that understands what structural forces are needed to be in place.

child on climbing metal climbing frame

Winter Weather

No doubt a metal climbing frame will feel freezing, you will need thick gloves or your hand might stick to the frame. We know it's cold, but you can still play outside without fear on climbing frames.