Monkey Bars are popular features on our wooden climbing frames. Children love to climb, hang and swing like monkeys, this is why we include wooden monkey climber add-on with many of our swing and slide sets.

A selection our climbing frames have monkey bar climbers included as standard. Monkey bars offer the perfect excuse for kids to enjoy active play while building their core strength and improving their motor skills. Improvements in total body strength will aid their posture creating long-term positive effects on their health. This makes them a sought-after addition to play areas.

Kids Wooden Monkey Climber
Monkey Bar Climbers are an ideal challenge for older children. They are fun, and develop vital skills like upper body strength and coordination.

There are many benefits to using monkey bars. These climbing frames are a great facilitator to improve health, confidence and wellbeing.

Monkey bar climbers provide a great workout. Gripping the bars promotes hand strength, whilst hanging and swinging will improve both coordination and core strength. This will help children develop a good posture and to maintain a healthy spine.

Like swings, climbing also helps relieve stress, and is a great way to socialise with friends and siblings. The challenge of completing monkey bars can be really motivating and confidence boosting once this skill is mastered.

  • Help develop your kids muscles and strength
  • Climbing helps influence good posture
  • Frequent and healthy exercise helps against obesity
  • Playing outside can relieve stress
  • Mastering coordination helps to build confidence
  • Opportunity to socialise through active play

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