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Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars are popular features on our wooden climbing frames, children love to climb, hang and swing like monkeys, you can buy wooden monkey bars with many of our swing and slide sets.

Most of our climbing frames can have monkey bars added, and are a sought-after addition to play areas. Monkey bars offer the perfect excuse for kids to monkey around while building their core strength and improving their motor skills. Improvements in total body strength will aid their posture creating long-term positive effects on their health.

  • Wooden rungs
  • Easy steps up
  • Challenges children

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Monkey Bar Sizes

Our monkey bar climbers come in two size varieties, depending on which set you choose. Some products include a simple smaller monkey bar, whilst some products include the larger combination monkey bar with swings. Both have a ladder at the end and easy grip rungs. The monkey bar's are normally about 1.8m (6ft) from the ground.

climbing frames with Monkey Bars

Small Monkey Bars

Our smaller monkey bars are a simple monkey bar climber. These include three easy grip climbing rungs and are approximately 1.8m (6ft) from the ground. These monkey bars are typically included on larger playsets which also include a separate swing beam. We also have a range of forts with monkey bars, which are ideal for smaller gardens.

climbing frames Monkey Bars

Large Monkey Bars

It goes without saying that monkey bars add a little extra excitement to climbing frames. They are great fun and with great health and learning benefits. Getting to grips with monkey bars teaches and improves coordination as well as strength.

Ideal for Older Children

Buying a climbing frame with monkey bars is a fabulous way to increase the longevity of the swing set. Whilst the younger children will be happy playing on swings and slides, older kids are ready for the monkey bars, loving the sense of adventure they bring. For young children, the addition of monkey bars means climbing frames will continue to challenge them for years to come. Increasing play value of your set.

Monkey Bar Health Benefits

It goes without saying that monkey bars add that little extra excitement to a climbing frame, however, as well as being great fun they also have huge health and learning benefits. Getting to grips with monkey bars teaches and improves coordination as well as strength.

How to Choose

Manufactured from the same quality cedar wood as climbing frames so they will come with a matching stain and wood finish You can also be confident that our monkey bars will last, as cedar is resistant to rot, mold and insect infestation. They are specifically designed to be soft to touch so they are gentle on young hands so your children will spend more time enjoying their playset with no worries about splinters. Check our range of climbing frames including monkey bars.

Monkey Bar Safety Notice: We advise Swings & Swing Accessories should be removed from a combination monkey bar swing before using it as a monkey bar.

Next Generation Climbing Frame?

Have you got one of the next generation climbing frames? These have some unique features and building tips.

Assembly of the monkey bars rail joining the two sides with each wooden rung fits into a pre-drilled hole. Then the rail and rung are joined by making a pilot hole using a 3.2mm drill bit then putting in wood screws. You will see in the manual that one side of the rail assembly has pilot holes on top the other on the bottom, in addition ensure that all rungs are in before drilling.

Monkey bars upright ladder and vertical bars are joined together with a monkey bracket (1564) connect attached to the rail longs (1367) that will sit on the ground with two pan screws (S6). When this is in place put the section assembled previously in the bracket. This is in turn attached with two pan screws to the monkey bracket and then a bolt (G10) goes through the monkey bracket and the two wooden sections creating a firm joint.

Final stage of putting up the next generation monkey bars is attaching them to the play fort. Using a MB Mount Strap two pan screws and a Lag Screw (LS3) and washer through the mounts central hole. This should be placed so the bottom of the mount is 457mm above the back wall measure. In addition check that the monkey bars are level if not consider levelling the surface your building on.