Mud kitchens for EYFS promotes development in all seven areas of learning. Using an outdoor kitchen is a fun & messy learning activity that helps little ones develop imagination and engage in sensory play. Mud kitchens encourage children to talk about what they’re doing during play. The excitement of being outside and being involved in messy play encourages children to feel confident about speaking and sharing their thoughts.

What is a mud kitchen?

In simple terms, it is a toy kitchen made for the outdoors.  A child-sized model kitchen area where children can pretend to cook and bake. Selwood climbing frames list selected models with the perfect area for mud play in the lower playhouse. Located at the far end of the set as you enter is the kitchenette, which features a play sink and hob. Also a number of fun play utensils.  Perfect for a mud kitchen!

Instead of using toy foods, children can make things out of whatever they can find in the garden or outdoor-learning area. Mud, leaves, twigs, moss, grass etc. Children can follow recipes and combine natural materials to make ‘dishes’ that are fun to look at and touch. Serve their very own creations (albeit inedible), and come up with new recipes for other children to follow and share. Frames such as the Nova or Rede are ideal for this.

Why is mud kitchen play so important?

This type of outdoor play encourages independence, promotes creativity and builds an interest in nature. Messy sensory play supports versatile movement and fine motor skills. Learning about different materials, their textures and what happens when they are mixed with others is investigative and sensory. Building social and interactive skills – communicating, sharing and turn taking can all happen in a mud kitchen play set up. Creative emotional play assists with expression, understanding and problem solving. Children can hypothesise about the outcomes of their mud creations in their ‘cooking’ and ‘baking’.

Kids playing in wooden playhouse kitchen with cooker and sink
Play Kitchen with Sink & Cooker

Outdoor play is great for the physical, social and mental and emotional health and well being of our children. Climbing frames support outdoor play by providing a focal structure and point at which play can develop and be encouraged. Children love messy play and our sets support mud kitchen messy play with their accessories and lower play house space.

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