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Climbing Frame For Older Children

Even after a child has started to grow up and approach double figures, Selwood's range of carefully designed swing and slide sets will still provide hours of play for your children.

Our climbing frames are designed for children aged 3+ years. However once they have grown out of their toddler years, our frames are versatile enough to continue to entertain them as they grow up.

Outdoor Garden Play Equipment

As a child grows up, they want to have fun but be challenged at the same time. Our climbing frames offer them exactly that. They will have years of enjoyment out of their playset. They will have something to swing from, a slide and have many bright colours. Maybe it will even have something educational as well.

We have been one of the most popular retailers of toddler's wooden climbing frames in the UK for many years. Due to the value of our products, because we offer the best price and selection of features, backed up by our excellent customer support and industry leading warranty.


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Features For Older Children

What would be a perfect first play centre for an older child? It needs to be packed with energy-burning fun. Have a challenging climbing features, something to swing from and an exciting descent.

If you have any younger children, our frames are also perfectly suited to them. Click here to find out why.

Mighty Monkey Bars

Having monkey bars is always great with older kids, longer is better so more swings can be taken. Try longer monkey bar sections that can be used for accessing the climbing frame. This is likely to offer older children a more exciting entrance to the playset.

Exciting Slides

So maybe slides can be fun for older children once they have climbed up, maybe it's just nostalgia of going down a slide or that's more interesting than climbing down. With a slide, going down may feel a little childish at certain ages, however, tube slides offer an exciting descent for kids of all ages, even big kids. With longer slides you get more speed up so this will remain exciting.

Rockwall Ladder

Once a child is old enough to develop the confidence and strength to use the rockwall ladder, it becomes a fantastic feature. The coloured climbing rocks providing an exciting yet challenging route up the climbing frame and are ideal for older children.

Trapeze Bar

Trapeze bars are ideal for acrobatic children. They will be able to hang upside down and practice their gymnastic skills. This is ideal for older children as younger children do not have the strength to be able to lift themselves up into the air. Trapeze bars can be purchased as accessories for frames that have a swingset but do not come with a trapeze bar.

Versatile Swings

Swings are good fun at any age whether you are an adult or a child which is why almost all of our frames include a swingset! Swings that are available on our accessories page will fit on our frames as they are all clip on's. Check attachment or use the one that came new.