EYFS (Early Years) play is important for children’s development. Playing outdoors allows children to develop self-confidence, independence and self-esteem. They also become aware of limits, boundaries and challenge in their play. Children that play outdoors, are more likely to try new activities.

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Outdoor activities are linked to physical exploration and movement, which helps young children improve their motor skills. However, outdoor learning also offers opportunities for quiet time and relaxation and will help children find peace and calm. This is because spending time in nature and natural light can improve your mood and reduce stress and depression.

EYFS Play & Climbing Frames

Engaging in physical activity produces similar benefits, as well as cheering people up. Your self-esteem will also improve. Outdoor exercise stimulates all five senses in a way that indoor activities cannot. The benefits of climbing frames for children and what they can learn from them are vast. Designed for outdoor use, the climbing frames are pre stained. With this comes the benefit of fresh air, open space and room to explore. Young children who participate in playing on climbing frames have developed better hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and balance. As well as increase spatial and directional awareness, according to a study conducted by PlayCore. Add to this the fact that playing outside naturally promotes curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, it is easy to understand that children who spend more time outside exploring had improved learning outcomes. More positive qualities are seen in their behavior traits too . Research shows that when children spent time in natural settings they had less anger and aggression.

Climbing Frames

Wooden climbing frames from Selwood Products are made using premium cedar for quality and durability. The climbing frame package sets provide comprehensive play centres that include both swings and slides. Slides in the form of open or enclosed tube versions help to develop the vestibular system as children move swiftly down a slide and come to a stop. Their vestibular systems process that information. Using slides improves a child’s balance and confidence. Swinging stimulates different parts of a child’s brain simultaneously. Playtime on a swing helps the brain develop key skills. Therefore improving spatial awareness, balance, rhythm, and not forgetting muscle control. Swinging assists a child in regulating their sensory system. Therefore developing the ability to adapt to different sensations.

Rockwall climbing ladders are on the climbing frames. The wooden rungs and plastic moulded climbing rocks aid spatial and directional awareness. Climbing boosts physical skills such as balance, hand and foot coordination, and agility. Through climbing, children begin to develop fine motor skills of dexterity, grip and grasp. These skills are transferred into the classroom when handwriting. Because children will find it much easier to hold a pen and pencil correctly having built up their fine motor skills with outdoor play.

In conclusion

Play is essential for children’s development. It builds confidence as they learn to explore, relate to others, set goals and solve problems. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by other children and adults. Sharing and turn taking, working with others and accepting others within play are all important lessons when playing together. Climbing frames used for group play allow these skills to be honed. Creative play using the kitchenette or fort stimulates creativity, imagination and social confidence. Overall, a climbing frame set will enhance and support learning through play and EYFS development.

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