We are always looking at new ways in which we can improve our climbing frames, and our latest improvement is with the use of pre-built panels, which help to speed up the construction process, whilst also providing an improvement in the overall structural stability of the playset.

In the fast paced and hi-tech world that we live in, products are constantly being developed and expanded to fit the requirements of the consumer, and this is no different with the world of Climbing Frames.

Next Generation Climbing Frames is an advanced range of playsets that feature fantastic play features, strong and secure construction and all of this with the added benefit of having a climbing frame that is easy to build thanks to the clever and unique panel assembly system.

Our Next Generation Climbing Frames have been designed and manufactured to ease the strain on the person or persons building it through its fantastic panel build system. Designed for home build, the process is made even simpler by the addition of our video assisted assembly process, which follows carefully through all the main steps to constructing your new playset.

Easier Home-Build

Designed specifically for easy DIY home build, only a few screws needed to affix each pre-assembled wall or roof panel, saving you time and hassle when it comes to assembling the playset in your garden.

All wood is pre-cut to length, pre-stained, and pre-drilled so you just need to follow the illustrated manual to bolt and screw together with the included hardware.

To ensure everything is protected and stays together during delivery our wooden climbing frames come flat packed and sealed in double or triple layered cardboard boxes.