Parts & Aftersales Service

We try our best to supply all of our products in pristine condition, but unfortunately due to the number of parts, size and weight of the products, on some occasions, damage may occur during shipping or transportation. If this has happened to you then may we pass on our sincere apologies and assure you that we do understand your frustrations, and will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

We use double layer corrugated card boxes to protect the lumber, accessories and hardware. Our products are large and heavy, so box may become damaged when being manually moved about within lorries and during the loading or unloading delivery process. Even though the box may show signs of damage, the product inside is normally totally fine, so please ensure you open the box to check the parts before you contact us.

Please check all boxes and all parts before requesting replacements from us. We appreciate you want to get on with your assembly, but checking everything first will ensure there are no other issues and enable you to complete your assembly as soon as possible.

To request a replacement for a damaged part please contact us via LiveChat or email Please include images of any damages so we can quickly verify the claim, and send the replacements to you as quickly as possible.

Once approved, parts are normally picked and dispatched within 2-3 days.

You can contact us via LiveChat or email if you have any concerns regarding the condition or quality of your parts. Please use your manual to identify the part numbers, then contact us, including images showing your concerns, and it’ll be dealt with quickly by our warehouse team who will process our parts claim. They will contact you directly if they have any questions or need additional information about your parts claim.

Our wooden parts are labelled. There’s a black stamp on the end of the wood with 4 numbers. These numbers correlate with the instruction manual. The manual also includes dimensions and images of the parts, so they are easy to identify.

Easy to identify pre-numbered wood

Sometimes wood will get minor scuffs and chips in transport. This is no problem at all, and will not be noticed when the playset is assembled. A climbing frame is an outdoor play product, so the lumber is not finished to an interior grade, and will not be structurally affected by scuffs or hairline cracks. Cracks and checks are normal for lumber, and will not affect use of your product. If in doubt please send us an image via LiveChat or email and we’ll be happy to check any parts you’re not sure about.

Part requests are normally processed (picked/packed) within 3-5 working days. Delivery times will vary depending on the size and quantity of parts requested, and your postal location. We always aim to supply replacements as quickly as possible.

Not normally. We try to accept images of damages and will provide our feedback directly. We do this to save you time and inconvenience. On rare occasions we may request parts are sent back to us so they can be inspected or sent to the manufacturer for inspection.

In many instances parts will be perfectly fine to use in assembly as their structural integrity will not be compromised. However, if in doubt please contact us to check. If the part has lost some or all of it’s structural strength then we would replace it, and suggest you to not use it in assembly because you families safety is of paramount importance.