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Pine Climbing Frames

Pine wood is the choice for many manufacturers. With pine, it's all about pressure treatment. Without it, pine is useless as a building material for climbing frames or anything else. Pressure treatment takes places in a vacuum forcing chemicals into the wood. These make the pine resistant to rot and infestation. The effectiveness of this process can be fairly mixed. Done incorrectly it will increase cracking in wood. Companies like saving money and bulk pressure treat pine. Doing this with larger beams then cutting them is a problem.

Unstained pine goes a silver colour if untreated. Pine climbing frames untreated will succumb to rot. These then have to be treated, despite some claims.

Pressure Treatment

You will also need to be aware of any toxic chemicals that may get used. Usually, these are not used on wood for climbing frames it's important if you were considering a home build with pine.

Added Weight

climbing frame anchors

One of the pine's advantages or disadvantages depending on your perspective is its weight. Pine's extra weight will mean that it stays in place in windy conditions. Although climbing frame design is more important in how the wind will affect it. Moving a climbing frame is no mean feat, assembled will take several people. Holding the fort and swing beam (un-attach it) more weight makes it harder to move.

We supply you with ground anchors, attaching these will keep your climbing frame in place. The negates any advantage of having extra weight.

Round Vs Sawn

Round or sawn wood a choice between rustic and modern, but what are the other considerations. Heartwood is the trees centre, containing the strongest densest wood. Sawn wood is available in this or the younger sapwood which is much younger. Younger wood is more likely to have knots and will need drying before use, which can cause cracking.

Heartwood is slightly darker than sapwood when its cut down.

Poles used for building come from young, quicker for timber merchants to process. It can be harder to predict exact strength which is why it's graded.

Timber merchants will explain in great detail how they grade wood. Different grades are then used for alternative purposes. Top end grades used in building works and lower in fencing and none supportive structures.

pine tree trunk
pine poles

Maintenance Free?

Many manufacturers of outdoor pine play equipment will claim products are maintenance-free. Pressure treatment will help pine the if done properly. However, this may not be the case. No matter how good the pressure treatment it will require treatment every year.

In reality, whilst pressure treating outdoor play sets will help prevent rot, it does less to prevent weathering by the elements.