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Plastic Climbing Frames

Plastic climbing frames are like starter climbing frames made from strong plastics they usually feature a slide and a raised platform. They're for very young family members from two years to six. Using custom block set-ups can be used in creating a variety of play equipment adds variations and lifespan to toys. However, they tend can have limited support by companies with sacrifices on aesthetic values, whilst the construction can be almost what you want modification adding other companies add-on's is almost impossible.

Selwood have several plastic features that go on wooden climbing frames, these are swings, gliders and slides. They allow you to pick and chose from one of may climbing frame variations.

climbing frame slide
climbing frame baby seat
two person glider for climbing fame belt swing for climbing frame

Can You Modify?

With any plastic climbing frame, a modification is one drawback this becomes tedious for kids as they grow up. The most adventurous little frames for crawling around by toddlers. Some plastic constructions listed under climbing frames are like a little boulder that kids can climb all over. These whilst fun can create a sense of building up to proper rock climbing this may be just what some kids are looking. However, joining a rock climbing club maybe more suitable as they start on little walls and build up to bigger walls, This then makes these types of plastic climbing frames uncommon in homes.

Bright and Beautiful

Plastic climbing frames biggest selling point are bright colours that will attract attention and stimulate from those they are aimed at, babies and very little people.

Plastic climbing frames don't often have swing beams and this ties into not being a complete play toy for all the family it limits the age ranges that it appeals to so they aren't ideal in bigger families. We have numerous reports of older siblings teaching little brother climbing skills for ladders under the ages we have designed them under three years and going up climbing ladders.


The chances are that whilst plastic climbing frames provide an excellent start to a kid's climbing career when moving on is with bigger things is prudent, with challenges things that will last for years either join a rock climbing club or get a larger wooden climbing frame.

Plastic is a good material for building climbing frame parts but lacks scalability for larger frames.some block systems attempt to cure this issue. These aren't aesthetically pleasing sticking out like a sore thumb in a garden who would want a six-foot plastic climbing frame in the back garden. In time as technology progresses maybe they will be able to make a plastic climbing frame that is appealing and functional for older kids, we will keep an eye on developments industry wide and see what is created. For now, Selwood will keep using quality cedar for climbing frames.