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It's a play fort or a playhouse tower, but every child likes to have one of their own, You can build up in trees or in the front room, these are designed to be assembled in the garden and come with our no treatment needed 10-year wood warranty.

With a tree house being something of speciality build and something that would be made all the better for having a slide or swings attached to add to the secretive little world where kids like to play. Made famous in many cartoons where water balloons and catapults are fired by mischievous boys at unsuspecting passers-by.

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Outdoor Playhouse Forts

Play forts and towers are ideal for anyone who doesn't have room for a big climbing frame in their garden. All the perks including rock walls and slides. You have a choice of the lower platform playhouses that sit at one meter or the taller 1.2-meter deck height.

Children access climbing frame forts by going up a rock wall, ladder or cargo not on the sequoia fort. These forts have five or four-foot decks, which is plenty high enough for children to look down on the passing world below their feet.

Tower Playhouse With Slide

Ever so popular the playhouse with slide means kids can naturally progress from only using the playhouse to having one on stilts that they can have fun climbing up to so its like they have a taken another little leap forward in growing up in the garden. They will love the slide all kids do right from the first time they pluck up the courage to slide down. The slides themselves have high sides at the top meaning that kids are secure as the slip to the bottom. To prevent flying off they also have a reduced gradient on the last parts of the slide, meaning landing on their feet is easy.

Play Fort Fun

Play forts should ultimately be fun, adding toys and games will only enhance the experience these can be found in our climbing frame accessories page and include many things from steering wheels for ships or race cars. Game packs that have multiple games included.

Play Fort Build

Our sets are made using cedar wood, because it 's naturally resistant to rot and decay and doesn't need pressure treatment which forces various chemicals into the wood to create a resistant properties.

This selection of play forts are ideal for home-build and only require simple DIY skills. A cordless drill is recommended to make the job even quicker, all the wood comes pre-drilled and is easily identifiable with a clear set of instructions.

Safe, Durable & DIY

Designed to be safe and durable outdoor play equipment, these home build play forts come pre-drilled, stained and cut to size with easy instructions to build at home. Just like your child would take great pride in building a play fort out of pillows and sheets, you can take pride in building a fort that will last for years.

Garden play equipment must be durable, and compliant with safety regulations ensuring peace of mind for parents. Manufactured to the highest standards they are designed to last for years no matter the weather.