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climbing frame playhouse

Climbing Frame Playhouses

Kids enjoy nothing more than imitating mum and dad and having playhouse climbing frame feature really lets them explore games in the safety of their back garden that could happen in kitchens or shops. Depending on your climbing frame it could feature a full set of kitchen toys, serving counter and chalk walls. All can be used to serve up lunch for friends and siblings alike enacting the things they've seen in real life.

Take a look around Selwood's wooden playhouses these are also great additions to any play area for young children.

Playhouse Package 1.2m (4ft)

The Selwood Playhouse Package is an add-on kit which can be attached to any Selwood Products 1.2m (4ft) Climbing Frame. The package comes flat packed and easily mounts to the existing fort structure, replacing the sandpit area.

Selwood Playhouse Package


Playhouses are an excellent way to encourage children to interact with friends and siblings. Serving counter, stools and window with flower box are all included. These all help to get kids playing games outside.

Kids Wooden Playhouse


Selwood playhouse package has no door making it easy for kids to easily enter and exit. With no door and nothing to impede them when entering or leaving when they like.

Kids climbing frame playhouse


The playhouse house package includes a counter across the fort's front. Enabling children to sit or stand either side of the counter encouraging interactions with other. You also receive two stools with the package.

Kids climbing frame wooden playhouse

Flower Box

There're two side windows so children can play and interact with each other through these too! On the outside window, there's also a flower box so children can plant flowers each spring to have their house looking as beautiful as mum and dad's!

Kids Wooden Playhouse flower boxes


We include a set of stools with two seats, so children can sit at the serving counter to wait for their sandwiches or ice cream.

Kids climbing frame wooden playhouse seating


The inside of the playhouse is light and airy due to the windows and open front. It's also roomy, with approximately 90cm (3ft) by 120cm (4ft) floor space, you can bring in a kitchen or chairs. There's approximately 1.2m (4ft) of headroom.


Next Generation Playhouse

Paneled climbing frames include a number features unique among our range. Look out for those with playhouse door these have a magnetic clasp that will prevent the door flapping in the wind. Located on the front these are easily spotted on images.

The square playhouse 109cm x 109cm includes a cafe counter that has enough room for some plates and drinks. You can enjoy this in the shade created by the canopy, on the free standing wooden bench that is super easy to put up.

new playhouse features

Double Playhouse

A bigger playhouse is available this is 109cm x 165.7cm and referred to as a double playhouse. Coming with a toy kitchen that includes a kitchen sink, hob, pans and spatulas. These toys mean your kids can role play all those things they see mum and dad do in the kitchen in the safety of your garden, within your climbing frames playhouse. On the outside, you will have a chalk wall so you put up price lists for some sneaky maths lessons or any other play time games you dream up. Alternatively, just let them be creative with some chalk.

All our playhouses have a barrier to prevent kids running into the swing sections this is vital safety aspect and an essential for EN71 and other safety standards.

playhouse kitchen features

Next Generation Lower Playhouse

Cafe Table Assembly

Place (2612) Table Support flush to the notched out ends of (2611) Table Top and attach with 4 (S7) pan screws. Table top Assembly in the opening of the end wall with the overhang of the outside of the assembly, Attach table support to the end wall posts with two (S3) wood screws.

Counter Assembly

The lower playhouse inculdes the counter assembly with kitchen toys. Start the counters back piece (2687) attach the four (5436) counter joists with one (S2) wood screws. These will be flush to the top. Attach this to the swing end wall, holes will line up to uprights on the swing end wall.

Fit counter brace (6136) flush to the front of the outside edge of the outer (5736). With them in place secure to swing wall with two (S3) wood screws per brace.

Attach the counter front with four (S2) wood screws. Place the table top pieces with (TS) trim screws.

Loosen the screws on the taps and place into the sections and clip them in place.

Cafe Canopy

Fitting a kitchen has never been this easy! Okay, the cafe counter isn't a real kitchen, but don't tell the kids you will spoil the fun.

Assemble the frame first then with the beam on the inside screw into place and then put the supporting angles. Then you have the two ends and middle desk to put in which pops into place.

Finally the toy kitchen, loosen the taps so they turn easily for the kids then add the stove and you're done!

Open the bench assembly, check its level, then secure in place with two (H1) Hex Bolts with lock washer, flat washer and t-nut) per side. Tighten the top screws in all four legs.