Many customers use early Spring as a time to restain their existing wooden climbing frame. All wooden garden products need care and maintenance. Things are no different with wooden garden play equipment. Learn how to quickly apply stain with our pro-tips!

If you re-stain your wooden climbing frame or swingset as part of a routine maintenance schedule it’ll stay protected from weathering. This has numerous benefits. It will ensure the harsh UV from the sun will not dry the wood out, thus reducing the likelihood of cracks, flaking or splinters. It will also protect it from rain impregnation. This will help it last as long as possible. Plus it’ll stay looking like new, so i’ll be more appealing for your kids to play on.


Surfaces must be clean and dry. Before application clean weathered or dirty wood using water, detergent and a stiff brush. No basecoat or primer is required, unless applying to bare wood. Therefore a water based knotting agent or anti-stain blocking primer should be used. The superior formulation of this stain allows it to be applied to any material that is porous. Gently sand the wood to rough up the surface so it absorbs the stain better. 

Pro-Tip – Sand with the wood grain for speed. Apply stain liberally and it’ll soak into the wood to keep it protected. 

Selwood Wood Stain and Protector is a multi-purpose and versatile wood stain & protector. Ideal for wooden climbing frames and playhouses, or other wooden garden products if you wish. Our wood stain and protector offers high quality wood protection, weather proofing and protection to all varieties of outdoor timber. And it has a waterproof coating that also resists algal and fungal attack. Applying wood stain and protector will minimise the damaging effects caused by weathering, such as cracks and splinters.


Easy to apply, and fast drying our water based wood stain and protector is child/pet/plant friendly because it doesn’t contain turpentine, white spirit or heavy metals, and because it’s water based it’s has very low VOCA’s (volatile organic compounds).

Pro-Tip – Use a sponge for super quick restaining and easy application. Stain will go on a different colour, but when it dries it’ll closely match your original playset colour. Remember the playset will change colour as it weathers.

Lasting up to 5 years, our Wood Stain & Protector creates a microporous waterproof coating that contains a non-hazardous mould and algae inhibitor to protect the integrity of the coating. The blended organic pigments ensure that the colour is bright, pure and long lasting, and with added wax and acrylic it’s one of most effective water repellents currently available.

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