Climbing can build confidence in children, as well as playing a key role in their motor skills development. Problem solving and decision making, as well as spatial awareness, coordination and agility are all skills that can all be honed when children climb. Our rockwall is combined with a slatted ladder to make it suitable for all ages. And our rock wall ladder is mounted at a 70° angle. Therefore making it both fun and safe to climb.

The rockwall ladder provides access to the upper fort level on the climbing frame. It is great for both novice and advanced climbers. Young children can easily and quickly make their way to the top using the gaps in the ladder to ascend upwards, whilst more advanced explorers can use the rock wall mounts located on the front of the slats to clamber forward to the upper level.

What is a rockwall ladder?

Our rocks are manufactured from extrusion blow moulded HDPE. Therefore guaranteeing a safe and durable climbing rock which will not chip or scratch like ceramic rocks. The rockwall includes 5 dual colour rocks in various shapes. These fun climbing rocks are mounted with two recessed screws to prevent spinning. The climbing rocks are mounted on the cedar wood ladder. This type of cedar wood that we use (cunninghamia lanceolata) is strong and durable, it’s naturally resistant to rot and insect infestation, which is why we give you a 10 year warranty as standard.

Building your rockwall could not be easier and there are helpful build videos online as well.

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