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Rock Climbing Walls

Rock Climbing Walls

Kids love to climb. Whether they're scrambling up rock wall features, or dangling from a monkey bars. Children will not only be having fun, they'll also be benefiting their growth and development.

Rock climbing walls are perfect to help your children develop and improve their hand-eye coordination while building strength. Planning how to best to scale the rock wall to get up to their fort will get them thinking as they play.

Our designs vary depending on the size of the playset layout, the deck height, and the intended age of the children playing on the play equipment. These provide ease of use for younger children, whilst still challenging older children.

next generation rock wall

Combination Rock Wall Ladder

Our climbing frames with 1m (3ft), and most with 1.2m (4ft) deck heights come with our combination rock wall ladder. This design incorporates both solid cedar boards including our coloured climbing rocks, and slats. Some children start at a younger age on climbing frames, this makes the slatted gaps essential. With quite the strength or confidence to use only the hand holds they can easily use it as a ladder. Shaped to provide a greater challenge the rocks provide safe and secure hand holds.

View our climbing frames with combination rock wall ladders here.

rock wall ladder combination

Solid Rock Wall

A little step up from a combination rock wall is a solid rock wall. Still leaning towards the fort so kids are climbing towards the fort not hanging off the side as if were vertical. Safer than vertical walls, meaning younger children are more able to join in playtime and older kids build up confidence, before trying new challenges when leaving the garden behind.

The solid rock wall has no gaps, so children have to use the climbing rocks to ascend to the play deck. The number and colour of rocks vary depending on the playset height and model.

solid rock wall

Wavy Rock Wall

From our 2012 range, our wavy rock wall provides a more entertaining way to scramble to play deck. Multi coloured rocks look great and using only one colour can provide real climbing challenges. The Rock wall is wavy in two directions, both left/right, and in/out making it more entertaining, fun and stimulating.

wavy rock wall

Climbing Rocks

Designed to be used by children on play equipment they are mode from HPDE. This blow moulded plastic doesn't chip or crack like ceramic rocks. We have struck the balance between creating a rough surface that's easily gripped, yet not harsh on children's hands.

These are children's hand holds as such both size and shape is comfortable for them. Our lab has also tested them to ensure strength and durability.

HPDE plastic climbing rocks

Next Generation Rock Wall Construction

Lay two Rock Rails (2776) down side by side with the angled edges facing down. Take the access board (2779) attach flush across the bottom of the rails (opposite end to the angles facing down) with four wood screws (S20). Then place boards marked 2781 and 2780 alternatly up the ladder making sure the gaps do not exceed 60.3mm between boards.

Placing the assembled centred in the opening as shown in your fort guide flush as shown in the video. Lastly add the last board at the top to complete the climbing wall.