Choosing a wooden climbing frame for your family is exciting! Slides, swings, climbing walls – they are all there for you to consider. But what about safety? Is this something you had considered? At Selwood Products and Climbing Frames UK, safety is paramount. The premium cedar wood frames and package sets we sell, are all thoroughly tested to ensure years of safe fun play are guaranteed.

So how safe is safe?

Selwood Products are renowned for quality climbing frames, play systems and outdoor toys. With everything designed and tested to EN-71 and ASTM Safety Testing Standards. Manufactured to high standards, we can guarantee you are getting superb products at fantastic prices.

Our products are rigorously tested by a team of experienced product integrity staff at an independent QA lab. Constant product evaluation and testing ensure product quality. And we support and comply with the government compliance regulations.

Parts from Asia are inspected by full-time mill quality inspectors or Bureau Veritas before shipping. Many batches then undergo a second inspection in North-America. Parts are subject to numerous tests by the quality control department in Canada before they are released.

What tests do you apply?

Wood tolerance testing ensures that all of the components for our wooden climbing frames are strong enough to withstand multiple children playing at once. And durable enough to last for the entire warranty period and beyond. Torsion testing enables us to ensure the bolts and screws are strong enough to withstand the forces exerted on them as they are screwed into the wood. Our swings all come with rope, so this strength testing ensures our ropes are strong enough to hold children whilst they swing.

Ultraviolet testing ensures that our vinyl roof tarp’s, cafe table wraps, and chalk walls all last as long as the set is needed. We also test our slides, hand-grips and swing seats to ensure they have sufficient UV resistance. The stretch test ensures that our Vinyl roof covers can withstand normal weather conditions for the years the climbing frame will be in your garden. Pressure testing ensures metal and wood components can withstand the pressure of multiple children playing over many years.

Maybe not something you initially considered when shopping online for a new frame for your family. But safety is certainly something you need to consider!

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