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Climbing Frame Safety Screws

Our priority is manufacturing climbing frames that are fantastic fun, but also safe, durable and as easy as possible to build. To make our playsets as safe as possible we use specialist safety screws. These screws have a square 'robertson' head. This has a number a safety and installation advantages which we discuss in detail below.

Screw Types

safety screws

Most people know what a Philips screw is, with a distinctive 'X' cross shape head, these are common screws and are used on many items we buy, or DIY projects. The Philips screw head is better, but similar to a 'slot head' or 'flat head' screw, and is renound for slipping when applying pressure to drive screws in. It was one such accident in 1908 that prompted Canadian machinist, Peter Lymburner Roberston to come up with an alternative design, the Robertson screw.

Safety Screw & Driver

safety screw

The Roberston design allows the screw to be placed snugly on the tip of the screwdriver making it possible to apply with one hand. This snug fit also prevents the problems that cause Slot head and Philips screwdrivers to 'pop out' unexpectedly once force is applied to the screw. The solid square shape of the Robertson also prevents the sort of striping that occurs in other designs, especially when driven in by impatient handymen with power tools or worn drivers.

Added Safety

We believe our safety screws make the climbing frame easier and faster to install, safer for your children to use, and more durable long term. The more secure fit of the driver head in the screw makes it less prone to slippage, reducing the likelyhood or sharp edges, and ensuring the zinc coating protects the metal against weathering and rust. We've outlined some of the key benefits below:

Less risk of slippage
Snug and secure fit
No more rounded heads
No stripping of head or sharp edges
Recessed or rounded screw heads
Easy to drive, manually or with power tools
Easy one handed application
Less prone to rusting
Zinc coated for durability
Safety tested for strength
screw drivers