“Amazing little sandpit, my two kids love it. It took about 10 bags of play sand and I got my sand from Homebase”.

Sand play is particularly beneficial in the early years development of children. It is useful for developing a sense of textures. Sand offers a different texture for children to feel on their skin. Therefore the contrast it creates with concrete, grass, dirt, and wood will accentuate the sensation of each surface. Sensory play with sand will help develop your child’s senses such as touch, smell, sight, movement and hearing.  For young children, sand play will enhancing motor skills as well as social and emotional awareness. Turn taking and group play will aid in improving language and speech. The ability to follow imagination and spark creativity is vital for children and their personal and cognitive development.

Sandpits are perfect for children to become little diggers. This Sandpit from the excellent Selwood range is fantastic value. It comes flat packed in one box. The wood, hardware, a waterproof cover and a canvas groundsheet to stop the weeds growing through, are all included. All you need to add is the play sand.

Children love to dig and build sandcastles and this sandpit does the job perfectly. Constructed from treated cedar wood, it is maintenance free and comes with a standard one year warranty.

Please note, this is a standalone sandpit. Therefore it is not designed to fit within the base of any of our Selwood climbing frames. It is designed to be used as an additional piece of garden play equipment.

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