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Skyfort Climbing Frame

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Model: 6009

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The Skyfort climbing frame is one of the most impressive frames on offer, constructed with cedar wood because of the natural characteristics making it able to resist the changeable weather conditions and being rot and infestation resistant enables a 10 year guarantee on wooden parts. Being soft to the touch its is the ideal climbing frame wood.
The Skyfort has many features - the monkey bars lead into the picnic table and then a rock wall up to the fort with a slide next door. The fort has a crows nest, with a deck height of 230cm, over the swing features that are a two child glider a pair of belt swings.
The Skyfort climbing frame is a truly stunning set that really has to be seen to be believed.

Fort Features

skyfort climbing frame fort
The Skyfort climbing frame has a 150cm high play deck is completely enclosed with slatted wall detailing, giving it a real fort like feel. From the play deck, which as a whole measures 160cm by 180cm, the kids can clamber up onto the crow’s nest for a truly spectacular view of their surroundings. On the upper deck of the crows nest there is a telescope so your children can keep a lookout over the garden.

Swing Features

skyfort climbing frame swings
The Skyfort climbing frame's swingbeam consists of 2 belt swings and a 2 child glider. The belt swings are made from a flexible plastic which has been specifically designed to mould around the hip and lower torso area of your child to provide a comfortable but tight and secure fit. The two child glider can be used on its own, but works well with two children working together to swing high into the air.

Slide Features

skyfort climbing frame slide
The Skyfort climbing frame has a chunky, green, straight, wavy slide that is perfect for a super speedy descent. Every child loves whizzing down the slide and the ride back to the bottom on this slide has been made even more fun because we have added a slight wave to the middle. The slide also features a number of features to ensure safety at all times, including high railed sides to keep little ones safe from tumbles.

Climbing Features

skyfort climbing frame rockwall
The Skyfort climbing frame has a number of climbing features on the Skyfort including the Solid Rockwall, standard ladder steps and of course your children could also monkey around on the monkey bars. These are fabulous for improving children’s co-ordination and motor skills. Located on the left side of the frame there is plenty of spare room to manoeuvre. The solid rockwall at the front and standard ladder steps at the back provide children with a way to access the upper levels of the Skyfort.

Play Features

climbing frame picnic
Underneath the upper fort level of the Skyfort climbing frame there is a seating area where your children will be able to take five, maybe enjoy a picnic and take on some refreshment before a busy afternoons play. There is also an area that can be turned into a sandpit area. If you did decide to do this then we would recommend that you used a weed suppressant membrane before laying any play sand.

Additional Info

climbing frame installation
The Skyfort climbing frame is manufactured from cedar wood and pre-stained with an attractive redwood stain. The wood is also pre-cut and pre-drilled which helps make home-build as easy as possible. We also supply an illustrated owner’s manual showing you exactly how to build the set. All you’ll need is basic DIY tools. This frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 14 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this set is not suitable for commercial use.

Owners Handbook & Illustrated Instruction Manuals

Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Our owners manuals and illustrated instruction manuals are in pdf format. This is a generic format which can be opened and printed using all types of computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Tech Spec

Assembled Width (left to right) (m)6.88
Assembled Depth (front to back) (m)5.08
Assembled Height (m)3.78
Weight (kg)350.0000
Local DisplayNuneaton
BrandBackyard Discovery
Climbing FeaturesFlat Step Ladder, Monkey Bars, Rockwall
Slide TypeStraight
Swing Features2-Child Glider, Swings
Play FeaturesCabin, Cafe Counter
Roof TypeWooden
Deck Height150cm (5ft), 180cm (6ft)

Size Guide

Layout Dimensions

Imperial22' 6''16' 8''12' 4''771.61 lbs
climbing frame layout

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Packaging Dimensions

Box NamePart NoEan NoLengthWidthHeightWeightCubed
Skyfort Box 1tbcsktbcsk1234.00cm56.00cm22.80cm64.860.30
Skyfort Box 2tbcsk1tbcsk2234.00cm56.00cm22.80cm103.870.30
Skyfort Box 3tbcsk2tbcsk3234.00cm56.00cm22.80cm88.450.30
Skyfort Box 4tbcsk3tbcsk4234.00cm56.00cm22.80cm93.890.30


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Beth Campbell 12-04-2018 09:38 (GMT)
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An absolute hit with our family!
  • The skyfort has been an absolute hit with our family! I was apprehensive when the delivery arrived, however we checked all the pieces, and not only were they well labelled, but nothing was missing.
    We followed the instructions without any drama. We needed a rubber hammer and a new drill bit, otherwise things went smoothly.
    The kids are in love with their early Christmas present! We are very happy with the quality of the climbing frame, thank you for such a good product.
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Definitely yes
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Johnny 24-11-2017 00:03 (GMT)
Best Climbing Frame Ever
  • Great Price, Excellent Service, Very Quick delivery, Kids Love it, Very Happy
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Sonya Tonkin 07-11-2017 00:06 (GMT)
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Fantastic Addition
  • Fantastic addition to our yard for our 5 granddaughters. The instructions were easy to follow and we were really impressed with the quality of the fort.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Greg O'Farrell 07-11-2017 00:06 (GMT)
Skyfort what a wonderful surprise for our kids
  • ***SENT EMAIL FOR PIC*** We are very happy with our purchase of the skyfort climbing frame and the customer service we received. We recently surprised our daughters for their birthday party with the skyfort. Kids aged from 3 to 14 enjoyed playing on it and all the parents commented on how impressive it looked. The picnic table encouraged imaginary play also and we had at least 6 kids on it at the one time. We also doscovered the cubby roof is waterproof while we hid in there during a heavy downpour.
    The only negative I would describe is that it was a challenge to build.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Katez 15-08-2017 23:00 (GMT)
  • My children are absolutely loving the skyfort. It allows them to be creative and imaginative whilst working on their climbing and strength. They play together fairly peacefuly
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Rebecca Sheard 09-08-2017 08:15 (GMT)
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Great purchase
  • This skyfort climbing frame was delivered in 4 very large boxes by two very polite men. We first opened every box and checked all the parts were present and correct and 'tried' putting them in some sort of alphabetical order, then the fun began. Each evening for about 3 weeks we would spend a couple of hours slowly building the sections up, it was actually great fun seeing everything come together form the hundreds of planks of wood that had been delivered,
    The manual was great and every pre-drilled hole and piece of wood was perfect everything fitting together to the centimetre it was a dream. My husband managed to annoyingly break a vital piece of wood in two which held up the assembly but not for long as I requested the part online via selwood and did an online chat with them the following day and to my joy and amazement they had sent a replacement part we received it before 10am the next day I can't rate Selwood highly enough. As for the climbing frame it was up and ready to go for my girls birthday party and we couldn't have been happier we are so pleased with this frame we all spend so much time outside on it as a family 'it's even big enough for the big kids too' it's the focal point of our garden and all our family and friends want one, we also purchased the high back baby swing for my 1 year old and she just loves it,she laughs away in it, as for my 3 year old she has just about built up enough courage to come down the slide in her own it's very fast and bumpy. This frame will bring us all joy for many many years to come I would recommend it to anyone.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Jackie 01-08-2017 23:00 (GMT)
click for full-size image
  • This is absolutely the best climbing frame/swingset we could ever have wished for. My sons are 9 and 12 and we wanted something big enough for them so we were so happy to find this! The monkey bars are really high- perfect for older kids and they attached their own swings and trapeze bars to the swing beam to suit their ages. The top level towers over our 6 ft fence, giving them a great view over the neighbourhood! We wondered if it would be smaller than we expected but it was actually bigger and so well made. Top quality and so sturdy, even us parents get up there and play with the boys. We spent the first few days lacquering 3 coats on all the parts (time consuming but so worth it) to protect it from the Australian weather. Organisation was the key to a very easy assembly. First, we labelled all the parts with post-it notes so we could easily see the part number and name of each piece as well as which step it belonged to. We then organised the parts into steps and laid them out in order on the lawn. My sons helped with every step and it took 2 days (very straight forward and lots of fun- like a huge Lego project, apart from the digging the anchor holes, which took most of the time as our area is rock and clay!). A tip: Dig and anchor before putting the floor boards on the bottom floor and building upwards- this was something I read about before starting and that was a very important point as the instructions say to anchor at the end, which would have been impossible! We're so happy with this purchase and so grateful that it is available in Australia. My boys are out there playing in, on and around their Skyfort every day!
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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John. 27-07-2017 23:00 (GMT)
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Love climbing frames
  • Very happy with my climbing frames purchase. Excellent service. Very fast delivery. Totally recommend climbing frames to everybody. Now to get the kids to put it together this week. Going to be fun.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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Debra 15-06-2017 23:05 (GMT)
click for full-size image
Two smiling kids
  • A great addition to our backyard. We have two kids under 6 who burn off lots of energy playing on this great climbing frame.We were very happy with the purchase, it was a hassle free process.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
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Vanessa 106463 22-03-2017 00:00 (GMT)
click for full-size image
Absolutely one of the best!
  • Absolutely one of the best play equipment investment you can make. It's strong and extremely sturdy not like those cheaper ones out there. We've had ours a couple of years now and it's certainly stood up to the harsh Queensland elements. Everyone loves coming to our house to play! The swings adjust in height as your child grows and the glider is always a hit. Playing in both the upper and lower levels, there's something to suit every child's desires. The monkey bars are high enough off the ground without being too high. It's did take many hours to assemble but the pieces are clearly marked and the enormous handbook is actually easy to follow - just overwhelming at first sight! Highly recommend purchasing a climbing frame as your children and all their friends will be playing outside for hours.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Definitely yes
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