Spey Climbing Frame

The Spey climbing frame includes our exclusive tube tunnel slide, in addition to two swings, a trapeze aerobatic bar, monkey bars and a playhouse. With a strong structure constructed through our new panelised system to ensure a solid, long lasting climbing frame.


The Spey Climbing Frame measures 508cm in width by 350cm in depth, providing a substantial play area for your children.

Designed for DIY Home Assembly.

Use the images and links below to view the installation manual, video assembly guides and the layout footprints.

View & Download Assembly Manual

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Play Features:

The Spey includes 2 yellow belt swings and a green trapeze aerobatic bar. Our swings are manufactured from high-quality injection moulded EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) plastic, with PP welds on the ropes ensuring they’re safe and secure. They are also secure and comfortable due to the flexible design and grippy seat surface. Our swings are fixed to our strong swing beam (13cm x 7.5cm) by heavy duty swing hangers. Our Swing hangers are quick and easy to fit with correct spacing because we have pre-drilled mounting points. Our swing beam is mounted using discrete but extra strong metal clamps.

The Spey climbing frame includes both a green tunnel tube slide and a long straight slide that exits from the front of the upper deck. Our tube slide has an impressive ride of approximately 380cm (12ft 6ins)! The play deck deck is 1.2 metres (4ft) from ground level. High rails mean children have secure hand grips to help them sit down onto (or climb up) the slide, and ensure they are retained all the way down. Beautifully smooth from the front, we use dual reinforcement for the sides and rear of the slide. This ensures it’s solid and durable for children of all ages (3-14 years). Exclusive to us, our slides are manufactured in our Canadian factory from UV protected HPDE plastic, it provides great strength and stability. The slide features a wave in the middle for extra fun while slides exit gradient is reduced to provide a safe exit speed.

Our unique Rockwall Ladder is a combined rock wall with a slatted ladder to double the fun in a smaller space, and making it suitable for all ages. Our rock wall ladder is mounted at a 70° angle, making it fun and safe to climb. Including 5 colour rocks in various shapes. These fun climbing rocks are mounted with two recessed screws to prevent spinning. Our rocks are manufactured from extrusion blow moulded HDPE, guaranteeing a safe and durable climbing rock which will not chip or scratch like ceramic rocks.

The lower playhouse adds another dimension to the playset, providing a spacious area where you children can let their imaginations run wild. Measuring approximately 109cm x 109cm, there is plenty of space for your children to accessorize, play or settle down inside shelter away from the sun or rain. A wide window at the side of the playhouse provides endless opportunities for fun play scenarios including shop, check-in desk or more. Inside the playhouse is a free standing bench which measures 86cm long by 30cm wide and 31cm high. The lower playhouse roof is 1.2m from ground level providing ample headroom whilst playing. The playhouse walls also help to ensure that children can’t accidentally walk into the swing area.

The upper deck of the Spey Climbing Frame measures approximately 109cm x 109cm, providing a large play area for your children to explore and utilise. The upper level is accessible via the rock wall ladder. The front and back window areas are filled in with stylish green window frames, whilst the side windows are screened with a safety mesh fabric, ensuring a safe play area for your children off ground level. The peak of the roof is 1.65 metres above the upper deck floor, This provides a great size and shape area for children to sit with friends, or access the slide.

We understand that whilst the primary purpose of a climbing frame is to provide your children with a fun, creative and social play equipment. However, we also appreciate you wish to have beautiful and durable playset too which is why we take the time to ensure our playsets include finishing touches such as window frames, roof sunburst and a cafe counter sun shade. It’s the little details that count, from the robertson safety screws, 10-year wood warranty and easier home build. We’ve taken the time to ensure you get a complete garden play equipment possible, with as little fuss as possible. We are the manufacturer, so buying direct from us means it come from our warehouse, and your warranty is held direct with us.

What’s In The Box?



Pre-assembled panels, beams are cut to length, and we pre-drill bolt holes for easier & faster assembly.



All bolts and screws are bagged individually for easy identification, within a tough outer hardware bag for safety.



All accessories such as rockwall grips, swings and ground anchors are included as standard.


Illustrated Manual

Every climbing frame includes a manual with detailed description and clear illustrations.