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Supervising Children On Climbing Frames

The Department of Health say that a safe, secure and sustainable environment is a prerequisite for a healthy nation. For climbing frames, this means making them study enough to withstand the most enthusiastic children's play. Swings, slide and rock walls and any other part that may be climbed on by the child.

With climbing frames aimed and those 3-10 years, those first years of climbing frame play will need some close supervision. From the age 2-3 toddlers will start to climb higher this means they are getting ready for mini-adventures including of course climbing frames. So when to let them climb up rock walls, onto slides and use big people swings as opposed to baby swings.

Preventing Accidents To Children

Supervision should get children to have fun, be safe and learn. However, what is the priority what guidelines should parents follow is risk an acceptable part of the play. How to manage this? Play by one child psychological development expert Vygotsky “In a play, the child is always behaving beyond his age, above his usual everyday behaviour; in play he is, as it were, a head above himself". So it's only natural that children playing will push boundaries, this has an element of risk.

RoSPA General Advice

These are all really basic items, but all good reminders especially for new parents and perhaps just a little reminder for everyone else.

    • Supervise children at all times
    • Keep floors free of trip hazards
    • Use fitted safety harness for prams and high chair
    • Never leave babies un-attended on raised surfaces
    • Don't place baby bouncers on a raised surface

Like a Climbing Frame

Stairs, draws, sofas near windows all look like things that can be climbed to a young child. However, you know these aren't safe accidents happen when these things are prone to tipping over and falling on top a child who lacks the strength to free themselves. This becomes a really big problem with things like draw strings on curtains or any looped rope.

Addressing Safety Issues

Sun block is a given for any playing time in the sun. Ensuring that climbing frames are secured using ground anchors and also be a level garden. Maintenance is also essential, checking bolts and screws haven't come loose and protruding from counter sunk positions. These could cause scratches or gashes on exposed skin.

Checking for EN71 and ASTM marks on packaging should reassure you that play equipment is safe.

Check any hand or foot holds, anywhere they can grab hold of and climb.

What Makes Play Areas Safe

Age-Appropriate toys that are going to be safe, age recommendations related to choking or becoming tangled. following guidelines that are set out by.

She's ReadyChild Playing On A Slide
Check It's LevelChild Playing on a Climbing Frame
Check Fall HeightsChild Hanging From Monkey Bars

The Benefits of Play

Benefits of outdoor play in general are discussed in many blogs one specific benefits noticed by those supervising children playing on climbing frames is teaching children risk, when do you step in? Measuring risk isn't a strong point for those still learning the strength of their own bodies. How far can I jump, distance and height. Can really hang all the way across the monkey bars. Balance is still an issue for the first few years. How is it best to learn do you let them fall? Probably little falls that wont hurt catch them if it looks like an injury could occur.

Problem solving, how do I get down from a climbing frame fort down the rock wall or slide. What is the safe method of going down a slide, head first? Maybe not especially if it's a hard surface, although you will have read about safety surfacing wouldn't you.

Builds resilience through risk taking, problem solving, and dealing with new situations.

Final Thoughts

It's not for a company that sells climbing frames to tell you how to supervise your children. What we can do is ensure our equipment meets and exceeds safety regulations. Pass on any advice about equipment that can help you. Safety surfacing guidelines, age recommendations and general safety tips specific to what we provide you. We could talk about risk assessments or give you the detailed laws around play equipment, but remember this is primarily a climbing frames company and it's all supposed to be fun.

You will have decisions to make, these will be a flash decision in the moment. However, making sure that a safety area is in place is a good start.