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Wooden Climbing Frame with Kids on Swings

Swingsets - Climbing Frames with Swings

When it comes to selecting your favourite accessory, swing sets are one of the most popular features on most climbing frames. There is nothing better than flying through the air at great speed. At Selwood we have a large selection of Climbing frames with swing features including our belt swings that wrap around your childs frame to provide a tight but comfortable fit, trapeze bars and glider swings.

Outdoor Garden Play Equipment

As a child grows up, they want to have fun but be challenged at the same time. Our climbing frames offer them exactly that. They will have years of enjoyment out of their playset. They will have a variety of accessories to swing from.

We have been one of the most popular retailers of children's wooden climbing frames in the UK for many years. Due to the value of our products, because we offer the best price and selection of features, backed up by our excellent customer support and industry leading warranty.


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Selwood Swingset Features

What would be a perfect swingset for your child? It needs to be comfortable, safe, colourful and exciting. If there is more than one type of swing then even better!

Safe & Secure

Made from a flexible plastic, the belt swing moulds around your child's body to provide a secure and snug fit whilst seated on the swing. This ensures that your child will remain comfortable, but most importantly safe whilst using the swing.


Bright colours are often appealing to children and that is exactly what they get with our swingsets. Our swings come in green and yellow colours, offering some vibrant colour to your garden.

Wide Range

We have a wide range of swings available at Selwood. All of our sets that have a swing beam, can have any of our swings attached. Certain frames come with different swings as standard but you can buy alternative swings to keep your children entertained. To view the different types of swings click here.


Swings are fun for most people no matter what age you are, so imagine being a child and having swings available to you 24/7 in your back garden! That is what we can provide you with.