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Swings and Slides

Wooden swing and slide sets used to only be found in playgrounds, however we provide superb quality wooden climbing frames for your back garden. We call our swing and slide sets climbing frames. Our frames are versatile and are designed for children aged 3+ years. Some are suited to older children and some more so for toddlers.

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Wooden Swing and Slide Set

Cedar is our chosen wood for our sets, this is because its natural resins repel insects, while preventing rot simultaneously. The structure of cedar gives it high dimensional stability, regardless of the weather. Perfect for many countries where weather is not always consistent.

Our climbing frames are a swing and slide sets, with added value having extras like rock walls and children's monkey bars which make up the climbing features.

Swings & Slides for Toddlers

If you add a baby seat to your climbing frame then it'll be ideal for toddlers. Whilst our climbing frames aren't designed for use by children under 3, adding a baby seat makes them ideal to get the whole family involved in garden play.

With swing sets suitable for the family these really will last through a full childhood or two if you have more than one child, they represent some on the best value for money you can get for any play equipment, indoors or out.

Swings & Slides for Older Children

We have a great selection of climbing frames for older children. Older children need a challenge which can be provided with the rockwalls, monkey bars, swings and slides on our larger climbing frames.