We provide superb quality wooden climbing frames with swings and slides for your back garden.

We call our swing and slide sets ‘climbing frames‘. Our frames are versatile and are designed for children aged 3+ years. They are ideal for both older and younger children.

Swing and Slide Climbing Frames

In addition to swings and slides, our kids climbing frames include rock walls ladders, children’s monkey bars and playhouses. This makes our products all-in-one play equipment for your garden.

This makes it much more cost effective (and space saving) than purchasing a wooden playhouse, kids swings and a garden slide separately.

Swings & Slides for Toddlers

Our climbing frames are designed for kids aged 3+ (and up to 50kg). Getting a climbing frame when your children are young ensures you get best value. Our swings are flexible so they grip children’s hips, inspiring confidence as they swing.

You can also add a baby seat to your kids swing, enabling younger siblings to enjoy their family play equipment whilst they’re still a toddler and not yet able to climb the rockwall or monkey bars.

  • Great value for kids aged 3+
  • Flexible swings to inspire confidence
  • Soft grip ropes suitable for young hands
  • Double reinforced slide to climb up and slide down

Swings & Slides for Older Children

We have a great selection of climbing frames for older children. Older children need a challenge which can be provided with the rockwalls, monkey bars, swings and slides on our larger climbing frames.

  • Suitable for up to 50kg weight limit
  • Fun to swing and slide at any age
  • Swing with friends to relax and chat.
  • Help and play with younger siblings

Wooden Swing and Slide Sets

Premium Cedar is our chosen wood for our sets. This is because its natural resins repel insects, while simultaneously resisting rot. The structure of cedar gives it high dimensional stability, regardless of the weather. This makes it the ideal wood for many countries.

  • Premium Cedar looks great in any garden
  • Natural, strong and durable
  • Inspires exercise and play
  • Social interaction with friends and siblings

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