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Swings - Children's Garden Swings

Swings have been around for years and everyone seems to develop memories and friendships on swing sets at home or out at the park using this popular features.

With siblings and friends using them to cross ditches or just spin around and around. At home or in the park we all seem to have made memories while using this simple toy.

Our wooden swing sets all include a flexible belt swing, this comfortable and safe. These swings grip you or your child to creating a comfy seat that also grips securely. Making it safer than a solid swing. Swings on Selwood climbing frame are easily replaceable with baby seats, trapeze bars and gliders.

climbing frame swing features

Children's Swings

Providing hours of fun swing sets have an enduring popularity amongst garden play equipment. Providing hours of fun and enjoyment, and are available in a range of sizes so they're suitable for smaller as we'll as larger gardens.

Swing sets can include belt swings, and often a glider for one or two children, and climbing ropes or rope ladders.

Manufactured to adhere to EN71 these are the required safety standards for play equipment. Metal corner clamps to hold the upright legs in place.

View our climbing frames with swings here

climbing frames belt swing

Trapeze Bar Swings

Older children like the extra challenge of using a trapeze bar.

Acrobatic and trapeze bars are supplied on different climbing frames for older kids these have a subtle difference. Fixed handles on an Aerobatic bar, lose handles on a trapeze bar. Two variations allowing for different swings and spins as kids increase body awareness and comfort in acting like little monkeys.

Children from 4 years+ will love our trapeze bar swings.

climbing frames trapeze bar

2-Child Glider Swings

Children enjoy the opportunity to play with siblings and friends whenever they can, so why not treat them to a playset with a 2-child glider included?

Our glider swings have two seats where children can sit comfortably back-to-back with their hands and feet safely on the plastic hand grips and footholds.

Powered by the children working together to swing higher as the coordinate with each other. However, one child can use this on their own so parents don't need to push them. It creates real parent me time.

Our playsets with glider swings include mounting brackets as standard. If buying one separately check with you have correct glider match the next generation climbing frame with the next generation glider.

climbing frames glider swing

Baby Swing Seats

Babies deserve a special seat so they too can enjoy a swing set. Our baby seat supports them as relax going gently back and forth. These are suitable for six months to 36. Our accessories are guaranteed to be compatible with our climbing frames and swing sets, and will fit many other brands if your buying to fit garden play equipment you already own.

climbing frames baby swing

Additional Swings For Climbing Frames

Next Generation Climbing Frame?

Have you got one of the next generation climbing frames? These have some unique features and building tips.

Swing Hangers

Starting by attaching swing hangers to the beam using 2 (G7) Hex Bolts with two flat washers and a lock nut on each attachement. Flush to the fort end of the beam attach two L-beam brackets with two (G21) Hex Bolts flat washers and locking nut.

Finally install one (WB7) wafer bolt with washer and t-nut in the middle hole of the swing beam, this will minimise checking of the wood.

Swing Ends

Gather the parts together and loosely attach two (2613) Heavy SW Posts to (2615) SW Upright using two (G7) Hex bolts with flat washers and t-nut) two bolt holes note the top of the centre upright (2615). Attach (2616) SW support the centre verticle piece onto the Heavy SW Posts and centre upright using three (G4) Hex bolts with lock washer, flat washer and t-nut and tighten all bolts.

Install the waffer Bolts with flat washer and t-buts in the top bolt holes in (2615) centre upright.

Attach Swing Beam & End

With the beam and swing end assembly ready lay the swing beam down with the attachments facing up and have the beam bracket on each side of the assemble and attach with five (G21) Hex bolts with flat washers and locking nut.

Three go in swing end assembly and two in the swing beam which is easily slotted into place by a second person.

Assembly To Fort

Place swing assembly against top of (2630) SW Top, make sure assembly is level and attach from the inside of the fort into the four holes in the L-beam Bracket with (G8) Hex Bolts with 2 flat washers and lock nut.

Attach Swings

Attach a threaded clip to each rope and Acrobatic Bar. Attach another Threadded clip to each Acro handle and join with first Threaded clip. Once in place make sure all clips are secured tightly with an adjustable wrench.

Attach the end of the swing and Acro ropes to the Threaded Ciips attached to the swing hangers.