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Trapeze Bar Swings

Trapeze bars are for those little acrobats that just think swinging upside is the coolest thing that could possibly be, with attached plastic roman rings on the metal trapeze bar or the lower handles on a plastic trapeze bar.

Selwood have two different trapeze bars one is a combination swing with rings the other is a fixed mould version.

trapeze bar

Fly high on this combination Trapeze Bar set

acrobats bar

Moulded trapeze bar if you available on some climbing frames.

Selwood has two Trapeze bars one is sold plastic mould the other is metal with two handles that attach with a carabiner.

The metal trapeze bar is made from high quality metal, plastic and rope guaranteed to last long after your children grows out of the swing set. Trapeze is capable of holding children up to 50kg

Trapeze bars have a great potential for expanding play options with a few party tricks available as they spin around on the bar becoming little acrobats.

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