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Climbing Frame Information

Climbing Frame Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Selwood specialise in manufacturing children’s wooden climbing frames. Our climbing frames are designed as outdoor climbing frames and will provide many years enjoyment, for children of all ages. They come with a 10 year wood warranty so you can be assured it will last as long as needed. Our timber climbing frames are designed to provide a variation of design styles and layouts, because we understand peoples gardens come in all shapes and sizes, both small and large.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our climbing frames are specifically designed and tested for children aged 3-12 years old. Due to the large age range of children that our climbing frames cater for, we provide a selection of features and accessories to keep kids of all ages entertained! Toddlers love our climbing frames because they are fun, but safe. Our straight slides are most suitable for toddlers as they can be helped and supervised by a parent, whilst the playhouse, serving window and rockwall are all great fun, especially for those that love to climb! Our climbing frames are also suitable for older children because of our tube slides, monkey bars and swings.

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Climbing Frame Review Gallery

Reviews & Gallery

Our climbing frames are specifically designed for outdoor use. The vast majority of our customers place their climbing frame on the lawn in their back garden. Our climbing frames are designed for home-build, including all necessary wood, hardware and accessories. All you need is sufficient space in your garden and an electric screwdriver.

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Climbing Frame Design & Manufacture


We sell smaller climbing frames, or compact climbing frames, because understand that modern homes can have smaller or odd shape gardens, and city homes can also have very compact gardens. We’d describe our small climbing frames as compact, because they’re not ‘smaller’, they just take up less space. The deck height, space and slide length are the same as the majority of our other climbing frames, but we remove long items such as swing or monkey bars to ensure they fit in your smaller garden.

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Climbing Frame Home Delivery

Home Delivery

We specialists in climbing frames, so we also stock large climbing frames. These climbing frames often contain two or three slides, monkey bars and trapeze bars, making them ideal climbing frames for older children. Some people refer to these as luxury climbing frames as these playsets contain all the most popular features for older and younger children, can have sprawling layout designs, and are exceedingly impressive playgrounds for your garden.

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Climbing Frame Aftersales & Parts

Aftersales & Parts

If you’re looking for great value climbing frames then Selwood is the place to buy your playset from. Purchasing from us means you’re buying direct, cutting out the middle man, and ensuring you get the best discount climbing frames available. We have permanent discounted cheap prices, meaning climbing frame sales at other retailers simply cannot match our value. From Selwood you get a cheap climbing frame, but still great quality, safety and durability. It is also much safer to purchase a climbing frame new from us, including a 10 year warranty, rather than purchase a second hand climbing frame from someone you don’t know.

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