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Wood Gazebo

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Model: YP12705

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This beautifully crafted structure, supported by four strong posts, will add a decorative, stylish presence to your garden. Boasting an Aluminium roof, and featuring beautifully created wooden curves providing additional support for the wooden roof.The Wood Gazebo is perfect for sunny days and warm summer nights.

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iANd 29-03-2017 23:00 (GMT)
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We are very happy
  • We recently purchased the Wood gazebo and have now completed the construction of this product and could not be happier with the end result.
    From the first step of unpacking the boxes and checking off the contents against the list to the inserting of the last screw everything went together perfectly.
    The quality of this product is exceptional and worth every dollar. We are very proud of our achievement and our friends are impressed with the finished product.
    We are very happy to recommend this Gazebo to our friends.
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AA French 04-03-2017 00:00 (GMT)
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  • Is there anything that typifies an Australian summer more than a Gazebo? We have had a pool for a few years but, as a parent, watching the kids is always a sweltering occupation. Whilst they are enjoying dive bombing and pretending to be sharks, I’m usually struggling to stop an umbrella from blowing away or trying to track the sun so I stay in the shade. My full time job is simply trying to not fry, rather than leisurely lying by the pool. No longer! Que the long overdue and best Christmas present yet, a Climbing Frames Gazebo.
    What was going to be a gift for mum turned out to be everyone’s favourite present. The boys insist on having every lunch outside under the Gazebo, whilst my husband believes it is now the only place to do his work on the laptop. Even our guests have taken to moving our entertaining from the kitchen to outside under the Gazebo. It has quickly become the centrepiece of our backyard for any occasion, from baby showers to a quiet coffee.
    When the Gazebo arrived I couldn’t believe it, the packaging was simple and compact with only three narrow boxes, which we easily stored in our garage until construction commenced. All my fears and concerns for what I anticipated would be a challenging assignment, were immediately removed and resolved through watching the “how to construct” on youtube. Add to this, the instruction booklet was simple and made sense, proven by the fact that my husband could read and understand it.
    My stress completely disappeared when I started to chat with the lovely online support forum where everyone had some tips or tricks for making assembly simple. They guided me through the erection process of the structure, advising the best approach for creating my masterpiece. I was even more surprised when I called Climbing Frames and someone actually took the time to talk through how I could secure the Gazebo to my specific pavers. You don’t expect this type of service these days and it created peace of mind knowing I could call anytime as I progressed through construction.
    If you are looking for an entertainment area with shade, that looks amazing, made from beautiful cedar wood it is definitely the best value for money available. We were so impressed we have now also brought a Climbing Frame from the same Company.
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KCGDA 14-11-2016 08:26 (GMT)
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Beautiful, well-engineered, fun to assemble!
  • There are precious few things in life that give so much enjoyment from start to finish. This is one. I'll admit that when I got the boxes home and opened them up and saw the large number of parts I got quite anxious. But a man with a plan is a good thing.

    Like many other reviewers here I found organization to be key. I laid out all the lumber with the numbers showing outward for easy identification. I purchased Glad Storage containers and labeled them so I could easily identify the type of screws inside. I read through the instructions prior to getting started and highlighted areas where I knew I need to be vigilant. Finally I identified those steps I could do by myself and those for which I needed help. Only then did I begin assembling.

    Taking about 2 hours a day for five days to construct the sub-assemblies avoided burn-out and carelessness. Because you're doing many assemblies four times, I found that I typically needed to set the first one aside for minor rework after completing all four. There is a learning curve but if you're patient and go back to correct your errors the final product will be better.

    Did I make mistakes? Yes. But I was able to correct all of them before or during final assembly. My most serious mistake was not realizing that there's plastic on both sides of the aluminum panels until all 4 roof panels were assembled. After final assembly I was able to take the plastic off using exacto knife and lightly scoring along each of the framing members. Really, it didn't take any more time than peeling it off by hand.

    After completing the sub-assemblies I used 2 people to help me lug the pieces in place and join them. The best thing we did as a team was to take an inordinate amount of time to first layout and mark the position of each post to ensure that the structure would be square. Then when the posts were in place, we checked and double checked that they were square and plumb prior to raising the roof. Once that was done, the rest fell into place rather quickly.

    I have to give Yardistry kudos for writing such clear, precise, and short instructions. I never felt that I didn't have an absolutely clear understanding of what needed to be done. I also found the videos to be comforting. Before a complicated step it's always good to see it done first.

    My finished gazebo is well-engineered (and if I must say so, well-constructed!) and substantial. The wood is beautiful and the design compatible with the rest of my house. I'm hoping it will last many years.

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