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Wooden Climbing Frames

wooden climbing frame

A wide range of climbing frames to choose from with the variety on offer that wood products allow. With our wooden climbing frames, you get a 10-year warranty no need to stain your set ever.

Cedar fir is naturally rot resistant and stained for aesthetic purposes only. With clear instructions the pieces slot together easily with minimal fuss. Illustrated instructions make it really easy the parts are pre-cut drilled and stained. These will last you for years a rewarding construction job.

Pine Or Cedar


Cedar wood requires no pressure treatment. Meaning it's exposed to no chemicals and is naturally weatherproof. Selwood has been building play equipment since 2004. Customers submit reviews of climbing frames that still in use from 2004.

Cedar wood has a tight knot structure so it rarely splinters or splits. Ensuring your kid's exposed skin remains safe, meaning they can crawl around in shorts and t-shirts without fear. Like any natural wood product, it requires maintenance to remain splinter free.

Cedar frames are beautiful structures that are resistant to rot and decay naturally. Fitting into any garden with their natural appearance.

cedar wood


Pine climbing frames mpredominantly made in Europe where the trees grow well making them cheap. Pine a soft wood making pressure treatment essential. Pressure treatment stops it from losing strength to rot and decay.

Cheap climbing frames that use pine, creating issues, children should only have minimal contact with the wood.

Pine has a light colour, but will weather and become darker when aged. Treatment and stains normally take a couple of coats to be effective.

Some manufacturers will build Redwood Climbing Frames these, in fact, are a type of pine!

pine wood

Round Or Sawn Wood?

Round or sawn have both aesthetic and practical benefits. Round wood climbing frames are generally cheaper having lower processing costs. However, it can be awkward to modify compared with sawn wood which is why we use the latter. Sawn wood allows the creation of spectacular frames, with brilliant modifications possible. Manufactured products have both design flexibility and increased strength by using parts that fit perfectly.


Wood climbing frames allow for more creativity by more people. No doubt metalworkers could do something with metal climbing frames. Woodworking is far more common skill with This keeps children playing on them for longer, happier and safer whilst doing so.

Features like the two child glider, tube slides and other extras creating new models is a simple modification.

Buy with confidence

10-Year warranty, All our climbing frames meet EN71 and ASTM safety testing standards. Being modular means you can add to the frame later.

We do not sell wooden swings, never have. All our frames come with highly durable plastic seats. These are flexible gripping users providing comfort and security.