It’s important for children to have the opportunity for creative, imaginative and social play. Consequently our wooden climbing frames are designed to engage and excite childen.

Located at the lower level of the treehouse forts, our play cubby houses are inviting and user friendly. Above them is the upper deck. With slides and views all around the garden, accessed by the rock wall ladder. There’s a world of fun out there in your own back garden.

What is included?

Underneath, is the cute cubby house area. The range is slightly different depending on which climbing frame you choose. However, they all include premium cedar cladding, green window frames, and an open cafe counter. Also a free-standing bench. Some include a wooden door, chalk board, and a play kitchen. Finally, a cooker, sink, pans and utensils.

All the extras

Selwood’s larger structures include a fantastic kitchen. Including a cooker and sink, both set into a premium cedar counter. Turning taps and a movable tap are included. Also our cooker has turnable knobs. Therefore the hobs swivel from on to off. Kitchenette space also includes pot, pan and utensil accessories which neatly hang above the cooker.

Size wise the roof is 120cm high, ensuring there’s ample headroom for most children whilst playing. Older children will happily kneel or sit on the freestanding bench. Therefore they can join in the fun and play with younger friends or siblings.

Playing at the cafe counter can be so much fun. A vinyl canopy will protect from the rain or sun. Notwithstanding the perfectly sized bench measuring 86cm long by 30cm wide and 31cm high.

The larger option measures approximately 165.7cm x 109cm and is included on a selection of our larger climbing frames, which also include swings. Also either tube or straight slides.

  • Play kitchen with cooker, sink & accessories
  • Fun Chalk Board
  • Cafe Counter with Free-Standing Bench
  • Door (some sets)
  • Measures 165.7cm by 109cm
  • Premium Cedar Cladding
  • Vinyl Cafe Canopy
  • Green Plastic Window Frames

Compact and Cute

The smaller option has a more compact footprint. Measuring approximately 109cm x 109cm. This is still plenty large enough for multiple children to play together.

Looking at the cafe counter, it has a vinyl canopy to protect from the rain or sun. Plus a free standing bench. Also the playhouse roof allows ample headroom with a 120cm height.

With durable green plastic window frames, providing a cosy feel, children can recreate a homely vibe. The playhouse is clad on the sides with premium cedar feather boards.

  • Cafe Counter with Free-Standing Bench
  • Playhouse Door (some sets)
  • Measures 109cm by 109cm
  • Premium Cedar Cladding
  • Green Plastic Window Frames
  • Vinyl Cafe Canopy

Raised Fort

Selwood’s treehouse forts are enclosed like elevated wooden playhouses. A raised deck and a slide is a great addition.

Access the elevated cabin via the fun combination rock wall ladder. It includes moulded climbing rocks for older kids. Also slatted hand/foot grips for younger or less able children. The rocks are manufactured from durable moulded plastic, making them suitable for children’s soft hands.

Once on the large deck, kids will find plenty of space to play safely with their friends. Measuring either approximately 165.7cm x 109cm for our larger forts, or 109 x109cm for our smaller forts. They can look down to parents and friends through the plastic window frames. And shoot down either the straight or tube slide. Some of our climbing frames include two side-by-side slides enabling friends to race!

  • 120cm High Play Deck
  • Accessed via Rock Wall Ladder
  • Slide(s)
  • Large Deck Area
  • Green Plastic Window Frames

Swings & Slides

All-in-one garden play equipment can prove exceptional value for money when compared to purchasing individual garden toys. Our climbing frames include plenty of elements children will love.

A climbing frame with swings and slides ensures you maximise the garden space you have available. Even if you have a limited space for play equipment, our climbing frames with tube slides are very compact. In fact every product in our range is under 6m wide so should fit into most gardens without a problem.

Selwood Products climbing frames offer an added benefit over a traditional playhouse with slide. Measurement wise, the play deck on our play equipment is 120cm from the ground. Providing space to play both below in the playhouse area, and above in the cabin. This enables more variation and creative games, such as cafes, shops, theatres or pirates.

  • Large Play Decks
  • Straight and Tube Slides
  • Two Belt Swings
  • One Trapeze Aerobatic Swing
  • Green Plastic Window Frames

Develop Life Long Skills

Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Children love acting out stories, having adventures and giving them opportunities to explore. Notwithstanding, expanding on a natural enthusiasm to learn about the world around them. Additionally climbing frames and playhouses at home provide comfortable environments for children’s play and learning to take place.

Children’s wooden playhouses can become more than just a toy. Firstly, children will learn to their full potential when they are in environments that they are comfortable in. Secondly, being outside is natural, with more space and freedom than being stuck indoors. Thirdly, role play can be stimulated and taken to new levels of realism. Houses of play, where kids can replicate school rooms, cafes and kitchens alike. They can decorate the inside to their own special tastes, which may or may not be similar to your own!

Accordingly, this can be a place to encourage children to interact with each other. Subsequently learning those interpersonal skills that are so essential in later life. Furthermore deciding who gets first go on the playhouse kitchen is a big decision. However, in a playhouse tower, you’ll find a slide will keep one busy whilst the other child cooks.

As with all our play equipment, safety is paramount. Therefore our products are EN71 compliant. In conclusion, this means you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe for children when playing.

  • Imagination
  • Social Interection
  • Creativity
  • Role play
  • Safety

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