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Our wooden playhouses are ideal for those with smaller gardens or town houses Taking up minimal space, a wooden playhouse provides children with lots of fun and creative play. For more thrills and excitement you could consider one of our towers which also include a slide.

Manufactured to make DIY home-build as easy as possible, our playhouses and towers come fully boxed and with everything included you'll need, except basic DIY tools. All our playhouses are manufactured from cedar, and include a 10-year wood warranty so you can rest assured they're fun, safe and durable!

We also sell integrated playhouses which can be found by clicking here. They offer your children not just a playhouse but also a climbing frame as well, however this is obviously dependent on how much space you have.

Wooden Playhouse Features

Including popular features such as working doors, shutters, serving counters and kitchens, our playhouses provide many hours of creative fun for all abilities. Wooden playhouses encourage look like they belong in gardens and are easily imaginable as real houses. This creates an easy leap to imaginative play that replicates real life. Kids in playhouses can pretend it's their own space creating scenarios where they are just like mum and dad preparing food or decorating with pictures they draw.

Creative Play for all Ages

Designed for children aged 3yrs+, our playhouses are for private domestic use only, and should be used under parental supervision in your garden. Our products are not suitable for commercial use.

Quality Design & Materials

Our wooden playhouses are manufactured from cedar so have the natural ability to resist rot and decay. Cedar makes an ideal material for outdoor play equipment because with an only very quick coat of stain it looks like new in seconds. It's also much less likely to crack and splinter than other types of wood.

Need Help?

Our skilled and experienced Live Chat team will be happy to offer advice if you need help choosing a suitable playhouse for your children.

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An exciting range of unique children's wooden playhouses are designed to create a world of play and spark the imagination of kids. These are suitable for gardens big and small either part of a playground or simply a playhouse all on it's own.

Some playhouses will include toys like toy kitchens that are really popular with kids. Added details like dorma windows, shutters and stable doors all add to the fun and games.

Every playhouse is beautiful, made from cedar wood they show off the natural colour with the wood stain that is suitable for use on childrens play equipment. They have detailing that includes sunbursts, chimneys, dormer windows, stable doors and seating areas to name a few. With extras like flower pot holders and weather vanes you know, it will keep them interested for hours.

Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. They love acting out stories having adventures giving them opportunities to explore, expanding on a natural enthusiasm to learn about the world around them. Playhouses provide comfortable environments for children's play and learning to take place.

Children's wooden playhouses can become more than a toy, children learn best when in environments that they are comfortable in and being outside is only natural with more space and freedom than being stuck indoors. Where role play can be stimulated and taken to new levels of realism these can house of play where different places are replicated school rooms and kitchens alike. Decorating the inside to their own special tastes that may or may not be similar to your own.

This can be a place to encourage a group of kids to interact with each other learning those interpersonal skills that are so essential in later life, deciding who gets first go on the playhouse kitchen is a big decision. However, in a playhouse tower, you'll find a slide will keep one busy as the other cooks.

These playhouses and towers come as panels and they are simply screwed together and all you need to do is join them where the carefully illustrated manual tells you to. The wood comes pre-stained with a water based colour that is safe for children, It being cedar wood you don't need to ever treat the wood again.
Playhouse Safety

As with all our play equipment playhouses are EN71 compliant this means you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe when playing. These regulations cover every detail, from basic joints, accessories and detailing.