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Playhouse Flower Boxes

Engage the green fingered kids growing flowers or maybe fruit, they would be ideal for strawberries you could then eat these at the seating area, remember to cover them to avoid attention from birds who also love the sweet taste.

Hopefully you've realised that our flower boxes are real and you can use them for either plastic fake flowers that will be bright and colourful all year. Alternatively, use them for learning about plants.

Wth the playhouse having a flower box allow children to take ownership without worrying about affecting your garden. This is important for many people with a small treasured garden and getting them ready to help you in the garden proper.

Sunny Cedar has flower pot shelves that should fit a standard flower pot so you will be able to tend to the flowers away from the kids playhouse. You can also move them and have them facing the sun. Where flower boxes are are shown they are included, the pots are not please check individual product descriptions to clarify.

Flower boxes are suitable for real plants, this makes them a great addition to any playhouse. The only drawback is that now you have to consider which way to face your playhouse. With flowerpots in place, you could surround it with flowers and the playhouse becomes a seamless part of the garden. For all the playhouse features click here

flower pots by playhouse door
green bucket doors
pink flower pots
white flower pots