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Planning For Your Playhouse

Planing for your kids wooden playhouse might be a challenge, but with our instruction manuals all the wood cut to size and easily identifiable is easy and these come as panels and easily built quickly minimal experience needed, if you've built flat pack furniture you're over qualified for this. We recommend having a cordless drill to make life easier. Preparation will make installing and maintaining a playhouse an easy process, making sure the ground is level, drainage is adequate and they're no overhanging trees.

Playhouse Location

Planning for the arrival of your wooden playhouse couldn't be easier. However, there are a few things to look out for:

  1. Safety Area - Ensure a safety area that will ensure kids can fall away from the playhouse without hurting themselves. Typically this is advised at 1.8m, make sure this area is free from any other objects.
  2. Drainage - Waterlogged area in the playhouse would be no fun at all, muddy shoes running inside your house.
  3. Trees & Weeds - Any overhanging plants that may drip consistently on one spot. Or plants growing in close proximity preventing drying after rain
  4. Supervision - Having the little tykes in sight when you're able to do work or relax a little is a good idea.
safe surface area

Planning Permission

Playhouses normally do not require planning permission. However, if a building covers half the garden, not for domestic use or over three metres high or includes roof feature four metres high. Located within two metres of a boundary and is over 2.5m high (8'2") will likely require planning permission. Planning permission may be required for outdoor play equipment which is nearer to a public road or footpath than your house. Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings have extra conditions attached you can get hold of these by contacting local authorities. This is brief summary is not a comprehensive guide. For further advice contact your local planning department.