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Playhouse Maintenance

Cedar wood is great and coming pre-treated initially very little needs to be done. However, any wood will require some looking after, insects shouldn't be something you have to worry about with our kids playhouses as insects simply don't like it's cedar construction. This is a cool evolutionary trick of cedar wood that had to become more resistant to insects than other woods because of its natural environment. You also have a 10-year warranty on all wooden parts.

Check the installation guide, this will give you information on locating the playhouse. In short you need to remember drainage and encroaching plants this is to avoid excessive water damage. However, at various points of the year you should make some checks to ensure safety.

Before Play Season

The playing season begins and you should check for any damage that may have been caused over a long winter. This could be any splintering, rust on metal parts, loose screws that need tightening (no over-tightening). Check all wooden parts for deterioration and splintering sanding down and painting as needed.

Safety surface, whilst not part of the play equipment it's important to check that this is free of obstacles or trip hazards. Whilst there is no official guidance on safety areas a 1.8 metres is suggested for climbing frames this is due to having a critical fall height which playhouse users don't have to worry about. However, having a clear space is prudent.

Cleaning Play Equipment

Play equipment is a regular chore on, a vital one that you need to undertake. It will help look after your outdoor toys and when your kids are too old you can re-sell the item. During the winter months, it's likely that you will not be using it, making a spring clean vital as mould, mildew and insects will of been looking for little-sheltered areas, playhouses are perfect for them.

Using a brush to clear any significant pieces of dirt off, wipe down the equipment while doing this check the joints for safety any other damage the winter weather may have caused.

Re-Staining A Playhouse

If the wood isn't stained annually it will lose its luster, and the stain also helps protect the wood. If you want to use different colors look for waterproof stain this should be safe for use on childrens play equipment..

  • Before Stain: Sand down any rough areas of wood and seal any cracks to ensure moisture stays out.
  • Cover Areas with stain, don't miss any of the little nooks and crannies.
  • Top tip: Use A Sponge With Stain to making it much quicker covering greater area.

Please Note: Any stains must be EN71 compliant wherever possible

What you'll need

Sand Paper
Wood Stain
selwood wood stain