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Playhouse Doors

Playhouse doors on playhouse windows are superior to those on plastic playhouses. They are much longer lasting looking far better for years to come. Metal hinges give better durability that on a plastic playhouse. With the door closed you will have to knock (these don't lock) much more satisfying noise over plastic counterparts. DIY is not needed as they com as complete panels ready to install.

Playhouse Half Doors

With a half door you can always see into the playhouse and check on the little one playing inside so you can supervise them easily. These are also lighter than any other door this means, well there's only half of it. They are also easier for the very young people.

This style door is found on the Sunny Cedar Playhouse this is smaller playhouse in our range yet still compares favourably to plastic playhouses available in similar price brackets.

half panel door

Playhouse Stable Door

Stable doors are where one door is split in half, this allows also means you can only install the bottom if you want to keep an eye on younger children then add the upper section when you think they no longer need constant supervision.

This style door is found on the Savannah 6x4 Playhouse that also has a coupla and weathervane making it one of the most stylish playhouses available in our range

playhouse stable door

Full Panel Door

Give them their own space escaping into their own world with no distractions. Full doors give an impression of proper little houses letting them really make a home for themselves. Our doors come with letting you look in when you wish. These vary on some window doors, for young kids these will be a little high some maybe on tip toes playing peekaboo.

If you wanted to have your playhouse doorways covered with a veranda you can choose between a Cedar Cottage or Mansion

Full Playhouse door