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Wooden Playhouse FAQ's

All topics are dealt with more detail within the playhouse information section left, but this could be the only section you need to read about getting a kids garden playhouse. Links are provided to detailed answers if you want to read them.

How Big A Playhouse?

Biggest possible, based on budget and space available. This is for longevity and maximum play value for years rather than a child outgrowing the set. This is covered more fully in choosing a playhouse section about getting best value for your money and has an analysis of a couple of playhouses.

My Cedar Wooden Playhouse 6x4. This is a popular choice of size, and we have a couple which are close to this.

Also look out for a couple of wooden playhouse with veranda. Kids seem to love this feature as it adds that extra sense of home

Installing A Playhouse?

Playhouse plans start by choosing a location with good drainage, no overhanging branches that cause drips continuously on one spot. Adequate safety space is roughly 1.5 meters around the playhouse. The Install guide will go over considerations locating the playhouse. This includes general information about potential planning issues, although our playhouses are not big enough to get caught up unless it's placed closer to the road than your house. With easy to follow illustrated instruction manual, you will be built in no time.

Playhouse Platforms

Decking or playhouse platforms can be added if you don't want to stand it directly on grass, these are constructed similarly to decking although you can, but we have construction tips for you. If you don't want to build yourself try and get hold of an oversized pallet which will fit most of our playhouses.

Playhouse Maintenance

Quick re-staining and deep cleaning is advisable for the start of the season maintenance to keep it looking great after one too many winter days.Take a look at someone using a sponge to apply stain, it's very quick and you use much less so the stain can cover a greater area at no sacrifice to protecting the wood.

Playhouse Ideas

The world is yours! With so many playhouse ideas people have done with theirs. Get some ideas for decorating both inside and out what some customers have done is amazing. Installing a full children's study, complete with curtains, chairs, and noticeboard. All brightly colored and very impressive.