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Playhouse Design Ideas

bespoke playhouse
bespoke wooden playhouse kitchen

Selwood's collection of wooden playhouses have lots of character. Add personal touches with some of our ideas. You can find lots of accessories suitable for climbing frames and playhouses. All making great gifts for girls and boys. Girls playhouses with pink trim are available within the range.

Playhouse Interior Design

Children's playhouses are ideal spaces for kids to spark imagination and adding features make them stand out from the crowd. Making your playhouse homely or just to match a particular role play can be a great activity in itself. Decorations and accessories with little things will make an ordinary playhouse a spectacular one.

Simple Design ideas:

  • • Add a simple wallpaper border to inject some colour.
  • • Use fabric to create some curtains.
  • • Use a bright colour paint to lighten the room using it later on summer days.
  • • Create a theme around your child's tastes, e.g. princess, pirates, animals, army, etc
  • • Create a comfy area add blankets, rugs, beanbags and cushions.
  • • Picture Frames filled with your child's own artwork.
  • • Use battery operated lights to add sparkle.
  • • Fill it with their favourite toys!
  • • Adding your own kitchen with table, play pots and pans.
  • • Add some child sized furniture for a finishing touch.

Painting Playhouses

Use a primer fist when using satin and gloss paints. Manufacturers including Dulux Weathershield Exterior Glosses and Satins and Ronseal 7 Year Wood Paint don't need an undercoat. Cuprinol offers many colour options. Selwood wood stain is water based and the same colour as most of our climbing frames.

External Paint

External paint is different from what you use indoors and is far more resistant to weather conditions. The other consideration is that paint should be EN71 compliant so check the manufacturers description.

Depending on the paint you're using you will need to use a primer this again adds longevity

External Design Ideas

  • • Paint the door and frame separate contrasting colours and the window ledge a different colour from the window frame for a quirky feel.
  • • Paint the doors and windows a different colour to the rest of the house.
  • • Use old plates and cups to create different sized polka dots. Why not use different colours and paint them on a plain coloured background.
  • • Camouflage - Draw uncomplicated sections and paint. Traditional greens and browns if you want some camouflage, mix it up with different colours. Maybe a dark blue, white trim with an old-style police box.
  • • Create stencils from old cardboard to add flowers, animals or other designs.
wooden bespoke playhouse on decking

Create a front garden for your playhouse, building a little fence creating a little cottage in your garden. Choose a playhouse with flower pots, suitable for real plants. If they aren't enough for your budding gardener, that front garden should be. Giving them their own little space with wrecking the rest of the garden. It's like them having a little allotment.

When children grow up you have many options, one a little different is creating a chicken coop. While this may not be what many customers wanted it shows the longevity and confidence a customer had in the structure. This is a great looking birdhouse, not to mention adorable.

bespoke playhouse for chickens