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Playhouse Platform

Any kids wooden playhouse will need to level surface to rest on, not having a level ground will mean lining up the walls in construction will be difficult and when finished the whole thing will tilt on the highest points. Assuming you aren't aiming for this effect, you will want a surface levelling guide.

Ideal places for playhouse are on pre-built decking, patio areas are good for playhouses. A quick word, playhouses don't have critical fall heights so technically you can have them on concrete or other surfaces that would not be suitable for playhouse towers and as children's play equipment specialists we rest easier knowing our play equipment is on grass or other safety surfaces to fall on as little legs are still learning to walk.

Selwood Tip - Use An Oversized Pallet

Below is an explanation on how to build some decking, but most of our playhouses would fit on a oversized pallet if you are wanting a easy shortcut to having a playhouse base.

Cedar Mansion

raised playhouse

Building a Base?

Only one of our playhouses come with a wooden floor the Cedar Mansion it's a really nice feature and one you could replicate by building a frame a bit wider than the playhouse add some floor boards and you're done. The cedar mansion instruction manual from page 24-30 gives detailed instructions on its internal floor construction. Doing this will mean you still need level the surface underneath. When doing this, if the ground is very bumpy and hilly it may be worth digging a shallow trench and using the soil you just dug up to create a perfectly level surface that will support your base evenly and it will last longer.

This short guide to putting down a wooden base talks you through the basics of construction, you may only want to level the area if this is the case just save top surface grass and replace one the level area is created.

Equipment Recommended

  • Pegs and String
  • Spirit Level
  • Spade & Rake
  • Tape Measure
  • Wood Cut To Size

Building Stages

Measure the outer dimensions of the playhouse and add any extra space that you want. Adding sand on top of the membrane, gives it some protection from the wooden frame. Remember to check the area you have selected has good drainage and doesn't get water logged in rainy conditions.

  • Mark Out The Area
  • Save soill for levelling
  • Compress Area & Make Level
  • Add Weed proof Membrane
  • Cover with Sand
playhouse platform area
  • Build Decking
  • Cut Wood To Size
  • Drill Pilot Holes
  • Fix Together
  • Attach Top Decking
playhouse platform decking
  • Lightly Sand
  • Get Selwood Wood Stain
  • Apply With Brush/Sponge